Lebap Velayat

The Lebap velayat is situated on both sides of the Amu Darya river, having the Kara Kum desert on the left and the Karabil Hills in the North. The Kyzyl Kum desert lies to the northwest of the right bank of the river and the sands Sundukli are located in the center with the massif of Kugitang in the southeast. The area of velayat equals 94 thousand square km and its population is 1 million inhabitants. The capital town is Turkmenabat, other industrial towns are Atamurat, Govurdak and Seidi. The climate of Lebap is Sharply continental, doughty, with enervating hot summers and moderately could winters. Major part of the velayat territory is occupied by desert areas with poor vegetation.

The main industries are gas, food, textile and chemical branches (the ammonium and carbamide works, a modernized oil grease factory in Turkmenabad). Animal husbandry and agriculture are also well-developed branches of the region. The Lebap velayat has good prospects regarding industrial and transport development.

Among tourist itineraries about the Lebap velayat a trip to reserved places of Kugitang, magnificent mountain a mass known for luxuries primeval nature, unaffected by civilization and abundant in rare spices of animals and plants, will be of special interests. One can see here not only a sparking "Lunar Landscape" and "Plateau of Dinosaurs" with paw prints of the pre-historic reptiles, but also contemplate in reality wonderful pictures of the carts caves created by the Nature's fantasy deep underground.

Quite the opposite to the wealth of the plants of Kugitang will appear he Repetec snake reserve, one of the biggest in the world by variety of serpent species collected there. One can see in real a graceful deadly dance of cobras, proud predators of desert - varan lizards, Central Asian adders, gurzas, and many others.

Besides, the Lebap Land also keeps many others secrets you can get in touch with just by visiting the town-museum of Atamurat with its ancient caravanserais, mausoleums of Alamberdar and Astana-baba which continue to be the places of pilgrimage for many believers up to now.

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Information provided by Turkmenistan Tourism Board.


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