Ashagabat City

Ashkhabad is located in the middle part of the foothill plain of Kopetdag , on the height more than 200 meters above sea level. From the north to Ashchabad the channel of Karakum canal joints, behind of begin sandy dunes of the of the largest deserts of the world-Karakum. Actually, Ashkhabad is an artificial oasis created between sands and foothills. The climite of Ashkhabad as well as of all territory of Turkmenistan is sharp continental with hot and dry summer, average summer period temperature may exceed +40C, in winter - from -6C up to +8C.

The city having old architectural traditions at present time has a lot of unique town-planning decisions. The prehistory of Ashkhabad begins from the end of I century B.C.E. The name of city is translated as "love", "abad" in Farsi language means "city", "town".

For today the area of city makes about 30 thousands nectars with the population 604.7 thousand people. The modern architecture of Ashkhabad differs by the harmony of proportions, harmony with environmental nature, and the main thing, continues traditions of classical east architecture. The center of modern Ashkhabad is formed around of constructed in 1999 year Arch of Neutrality, sculptural composition and museum of memory of Ashkhabad earthquake victims, Presidential Palace, and Mejlis building.

For the last years Ashkhabad experiences extremely rough development in the social town-planning field town-planning field. New micro districts "Mir", "Guneshli", the cascade of brilliant modern hotel complexes at Berzengi place are erected.

In record terms the construction of new airport building complex, Grand National Museum, National institute of manuscripts, magnificent mosques in Ashkhabad and Geoktepe was completed.  Ashkhabad experiences surprisingly dynamical period in its history, more and more blossoming and gaining new architectural paints and harmonies.

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