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Note : Travellers are advised against all non-essential travel to Tajikistan. The Karategin valley, Kofarnihon and Tavildara areas, mountainous areas bordering Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan and districts bordering Afghanistan in particular should be avoided. For further advice, contact a local government travel advice department.

AIR : The national airline is Tajikistan Airlines (website: Other airlines serving Tajikistan include Air Kazakstan, Eurasia Airlines and Samara Airlines. The UN operates flights for staff and visitors of humanitarian organizations working in Tajikistan.

Approximate flight times : From Dushanbe to Moscow is 4 hours, to Karachi is 2 hours and to Delhi is 1 hour 30 minutes.

International airports : Dushanbe Airport (DYU) is 1 mile (2km) south of the city. Bus nos. 3 and 12, and trains 3 and 4, run to the city centre 0600-1800 (travel time - 20 minutes). Taxis are also available 0800-2000 (travel time - 5 minutes). Airport facilities include first aid, left luggage, chemist, post office, restaurants, snack bars, tourist information and nursery.

RAIL : Trains are the most reliable way of reaching Dushanbe for those not arriving by air. Passenger railways are, however, restricted at present. Dushanbe is connected to a spur of the Trans-Caspian Railway which winds down to the Afghan border in Uzbekistan before heading north towards Dushanbe. Travellers are advised to sit with their back to the engine, as throwing rocks at the windows of passing trains seems to be a popular pastime among local children. The journey from Tashkent to Dushanbe takes approximately 22 hours; from Moscow it takes approximately 4 days. Khojand in the north of the country can be reached directly from Samarkand in Uzbekistan. There is also a new train service between Dushanbe and Volgograd in the Russian Federation.

ROAD : Tajikistan can be approached by road from Uzbekistan, subject to occasional unannounced border closures and snow. Cars with a Tajik registration, however, are not allowed to enter Uzbekistan, unless the vehicle belongs to a government body. It is not advisable to attempt to cross the border from Kyrgyzstan at present. A new road has recently been built into China (PR). The border between Tajikistan and Afghanistan is officially closed. Bus : Services have been severely disrupted by border closures and should not be relied upon. A service normally operates connecting Dushanbe with Tashkent and Samarkand.

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Information provided by Tajikistan Tourism Board.


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