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Travel warning
Travellers are advised against all non-essential travel to Tajikistan. The Karategin valley, Kofarnihon and Tavildara areas, mountainous areas bordering Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan and districts bordering Afghanistan in particular should be avoided. For further advice contact a local government travel advice department :
- British Foreign and Commonwealth Office : Website:
  Tel: +44 (0)20 7238 4503/4
- US Department of State : Website:
- Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade :
Website :

143,100 sq km (55,251 sq miles).

Population :
6,202,000 (official estimate 2000). Population Density : 43.3 per sq km.

Dushanbe. Population: 562,000 (2000).

Tajikistan is bordered by Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan to the north, Afghanistan to the south and China (PR) to the east. 93 per cent of the republic is occupied by mountains, most notably by the sparsely populated Pamir Mountains, which include Mount Garmo (formerly Pik Kommunizma; 7495m/24,590ft), the highest point of the former Soviet Union. The mountainous terrain means that in winter it is impossible to reach the east or the north of the country by road without taking a detour through Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. In the fertile plains of the southwest, cotton dominates the agriculture. In the north, in the Khudzand (formerly Leninabad) region, cotton and silk are the main crops.

Republic. Gained independence from the Soviet Union in 1991. Head of State: President Imamali S Rahmonov since 1992. Head of Government: Prime Minister Akil Akilov since 1999.

Tajik is the official language, an ancient Persian language similar to the languages of Iran and Afghanistan. In the Pamir Mountains, there are at least five different languages, all related to an even more ancient form of Iranian. Russian is widely used (35 per cent of the population speak Russian fluently), and discrimination against Russian speakers is prohibited by law. English is sometimes spoken by those involved in tourism.

Predominantly Sunni Muslim (80 per cent) with a small Shi’ite Muslim minority (5 per cent). A large Ishmaeli minority exists in the Pamirs. There is also a smaller and shrinking Russian Orthodox minority and a small Jewish community.

Time : GMT + 5.
Electricity :
220 volts AC, 50Hz. Round, two-pin continental plugs are standard.

Telephone : IDD to Tajikistan is available but services are unreliable. Country code: 992 (followed by 372 for Dushanbe). Outgoing International code: 00. International telephone calls can be made from telephone offices which will usually be found attached to a post office (in Dushanbe, on Prospekt Rudaki). There are now also some new, private telephone offices in Dushanbe. International, operator-routed calls can also be ordered from some hotels such as the Hotel Tajikistan and the Hotel Independence. Direct-dial calls within the CIS are obtained by dialling 8 and waiting for another dial tone and then dialling the city code. Calls within the city limits are free of charge.

Mobile telephone :
AMPS network is operated by TajikTel (e-mail:

Fax : Services are available from the business centre on Prospekt Rudaki in Dubashne and from major hotels.

Internet :
ISPs include Telecomm Technology (e-mail:; website: and InterCom (website: Both these ISPs offer public Internet access at their offices. The Central Asian Development Agency (website: has public e-mail centres in main towns. Access to the Internet can be problematic owing to the underdeveloped telecommunications network.

Telegram : Telegram services are available from post offices in large towns.

Post : Mail to Western Europe and the USA can take between 2 weeks and 2 months. Stamped envelopes can be bought from post offices. Addresses should be laid out in the following order: country, postcode, city, street, house number and lastly the person’s name. Postal services available include registered mail, restricted delivery, special delivery and Express mail (in Dushanbe only). Both surface and air mail are available for parcels. Post office hours: Mon-Fri 0800-1800, Sat: 0900-1700. Visitors can also use the post offices located within the major hotels.

Press : The press in Tajikistan is censored. All the main newspapers are printed in Dushanbe and include Narodnaya Gazeta (Russian), Sadoi Mardum and Tojikiston Ovozi (Tajik).

Radio :
BBC World Service (website : and Voice of America (website : can be received. From time to time the frequencies change and the most up-to-date can be found online.

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