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The CKS International Airport - (take the buses of Guo-Guang Motor Transit Co., Taoyuan Motor Transit Co.) - Chung-Li City - (take the trains of Taiwan Railway) - Yunlin County


The CKS International Airport - (take the U-Bus to Chung-Li Transit Station) - Yunlin County



Kaohsiung Xiao-Gang Airport - (take the buses of the transportation route of the airport, Bus 301, Guo-Guang Motor Transit Co., Kaohsiung Motor Transit Co., Chung-Nan Motor Transit Co.) - Kaohsiung City - (take the train of Taiwan Railway, the buse of Guo-Guang Motor Transit Co.) - Yunlin County

Located at the central-south part along the western coast of Taiwan, Yunlin County stands at the north tip of Chianan plain, bordering Nantou County in the east, Changhua County in north with Choshiu River as watershed, Chiayi Countyin the south with Peikang River as watershed. The County has a total land area of 1,290.8351 square kilometers and a population of about 750,000. Major rivers, such as Choshiu River, Chingshiu River, Peikang River and Huwei River run from east to west into the Taiwan Straits. Under the jurisdiction of the County Government are one city, five urban townships and 14 rural townships. Except for Touliu City, Kuken and Linnei rural townships cover some mountains; the rest of them are plains.


  • Chien Hu Shan World
    Historical Background : Chien Hu Shan World is over 60 hectares in area and is the first private-run amusement park. It has invited international experts to design and plan an amusement park with the functions of recreation, entertainment, culture and science. Ever since its establishment, Chien Hu Shan World has attracted large numbers of visitors and has won many awards every year. Yearly visits reach 2.2 million and the highest number of daily visits is over 500,000, with the highest 8000 visits per hour.
    Cultural Highlights : Chien Hu Shan World has three sections: culture, recreation and square. In the culture section, there is an international conference center, a museum, the Rainbow Ke Chang and a park. The recreation and square sections have amusement facilities and 5 theaters. There are also live performances in the park.


  • Tsaoling
    Historical Background : Chao Ling is situated in the mountainous district in the eastern side of Ko Kun Village, Yun Lin County. Surrounded by overlapping mountains, its shape is somewhat like a basin with rivers and streams zigzagging in between, creating a picturesque landscape of natural beauty. In the 1941 earthquake, the Chue Miu mountain located at the north-western side of Pun Chong in Chao Ling was halved, creating various special landscapes, rocks, streams and valleys. Take the Hanging Cliff as an example, visitors have to use ropes and helmets to climb up or descend this 150 meters high, 70 meter wide cliff with a 40 degrees angle. Both the Chun Chiu Cliff and the Duen Wen Gorge are the products of the said natural upheaval. The former is like the blade of a chopper knife. From the top, the Cliff is virtually vertical for nearly 1 kilometer before reaching a horizontal landing. The latter, i.e. Duen Wen Gorge, is a passage way of 30 meters wide and 40 meters deep surrounded by hanging cliffs two hundred meters below the Chun Chiu Valley At end of the northern cliff, there are altogether three waterfalls all the way from the top to the bottom of the valley. In addition, the Peng Lai Waterfall is the main water source of Chao Ling whilst the Flog Rock and the Bee Hive Rock are the special features as a result of water erosion. As for The Lien Chu Ponds, it was originally a large plate of rock of two hectare in area, but due to lengthy erosion by the rain water, its surface is now occupied by a pile of little ponds like pearls being threaded together.
    Cultural Highlights : In terms of agricultural produce, Chao Ling is famous for its dried bamboo shoots. Next comes various kinds of bamboos and pine wood timber. In addition, Chao Ling's sweet potato is well known island-wide. Ku Cha Oil, a kind of Chinese medicine for curing stomach-ache and good for females after giving birth to babies is also the specialty of Chao Ling. Despite being in the mountain district, fresh water eels, mud-eels and field snails can be found in the step paddy fields. The fresh water fishes and shrimps in the streams provide delicious dishes for mountaineers and tourist. Descriptions of Chao Ling's ten famous scenery spots are as follows:


  • The Shautien Temple
    The Shautien Temple in Peikang was built in 1694 and is more than 290 years old. It used to be called Tienfe Temple or Tienho Temple. In order to commemorate Masu Temple (Shautien Building) in Meichou of China, it was thus re-named as Shautien Temple. Because of the wide-spread reputation, Shautien Temple has become the head temple for more than 300 Taiwan temples worshipping Masu (the Goddess).The temple is grand and beautiful and is listed as 2nd degree historical site. The temple is for worship of Tienshung Shengmu, Guanshih Ing Budda and spirits like Chienliyen (the spirit who can see very far) and Shunfung Er (the Spirit who can hear very far). The poles and beams and wood carving are accomplished by famous artists. The four stone dragon sculptures forming the four poles outside the temple are majestic and lively. There is a traditional well in the shape of ? and in the form of arch web. The excellent craftsmanship is shown everywhere, from the facial expression of figures on windows to the grand dragon poles. It is indeed a classic combination of religion and arts. Many people come to Shautien Temple in Peikang for worshiping all year round. The two greatest worship festivals are on January 15th (the Lamp Festival) and March 23rd (the birthday of Masu) of lunar year. Decorative lamp competition is held on the Lamp Festival. On the birthday of Masu, many religious people and affiliated temples head toward Peikang for celebration. The scale of the activity is grand and there is parade in Peikang. The place is filled with sound of traditional Chinese instruments playing and many people. The parade is the highlight of celebration activities for Masu. At the time, the whole PeiKang is submerged in the religious atmosphere.


  • San Tiao Lwun Beach
    Historical Background : San Tiao Tun Bathe Piazza is the only bathe piazza in the middle part of Taiwan. It is also the famous bathe piazza in eh Yunlin zone. It locates in the hamlet of pristine in Szehu, Nan Lun Village. The water quality of San Tiao Tun Bathe Piazza is clear, and the beach is straight. It belongs to the bay style beach, which means it's safer. Because the sand and the corrosive by the sea attacked the surroundings for a long time, it formed the seaway sandbank in the outer sea and the inner part is the unique hill. The inland of San Tiao Tun Bathe Piazza is a thick shade cover celestial break wind. It is warm in winter and cool in summer, which is the best place for camping and barbequing. The oyster nearby showed the frame out of the sea when it's ebb time. It forms a special view in the shallow bay. Nonce there are no windiness sails, but many kinds of sea amusement activities are provided for the visitors to play. ,
    Cultural Highlights : There is a big huge oyster field at the end of San Tiao Tun Bathe Piazza. When it is ebb time, the frame of the oyster will be seen. Visitors can visit the lives of the oysters and watching the people picking the oysters. Near the San Tiao Tun Bathe Piazza, there are famous Pao Ching Temple and Hai Ching Parkfor visitors to visit. Besides, the greatest characteristic of San Tiao Tun Bathe Piazza is the thick shade cover celestial break wind along the coast. At night, camping nearby and watching stars and moon light reflecting on the sea, and enjoy the breeze wind blow to you with the sound in the woods. This is a great different than the hot day.

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