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Taiwan has complete fundamental constructions and a convenient traffic network weaved by flights, trains and highways. It takes only a few hours to travel between scenic spots, and most of the scenic spots can be reached by public transportation vehicles.


There are two international airports in Taiwan: CKS Airport in Taoyuan (about 40 KM from Taipei City), and Hsiao-Kang Airport in Kaohsiung. Direct flights between Taiwan and other countries provide convenient services. Except for some flights to and from between Taiwan and Hong Kong as well as South East Asia land in Hsiao-Kang Airport, most international flights all land in CKS Airport.
CKS Airport - Flight Timetable - Airport Transportation.
Hsiao-Kang Airport - Flight Timetable - Airport Transportation.
On line airlines
Off line airlines

Currently, Taiwan only has routine ferry operations between Keelung and Okinawa. Seas travels between Taiwan and its islets have been so far convenient; please see below schedule for routes information. Most routes are not operated on daily basis due to weather concerns and passengers capacity limitation. Please reconfirm schedule by phone before finalizing your travel schedule if ferry is your primary choice of transportation.


The island-wide railway network including western line, eastern line, north line and south line, provides a lot of convenience to the passengers, and there are several classes for choice---economic class, Fu-shing class, Jue-kuan class and Tsi-chiang class. Tourists can have their own choice according to their traveling time, consuming ability and the purpose of taking this vehicle;Besides this, there are some small trains at slower speed for some routes, such as lines of A-li, Gigi, Ping-shi, and Nei-wan. Tourists who visit Taiwan for the first time, by taking these routes, are expected to enjoy a very interesting and impressive experience, since they have the chance to see all the beautiful sceneries during the whole journey. It is especially difficult to get the train tickets during continual holidays, and therefore, reserving tickets 14 days before departure by phone or through website service is strongly recommended.


Taiwan's long distant highway transportation services are provided by private transportation companies: Guo- Guang Bus Corp. , Union Bus, Dragon Bus, Free Go Bus Corp. and Aloha Bus. They are carrying passengers and shuttling on significant provincial highways and the freeways.

Owing to a more intensive service schedule, some bus companies provide even 24 hours service, plus the more competitive ticket fares than airplane and train, the private transportation companies have become one of the most popular transportation service providers. However, for the safety reason, passengers are warned not to take any illegal highway bus (local people call it "Yeh Jee " Bus) provided by those transportation companies without license. During continual holidays period, passengers are suggested to take trains or flights in order to prevent serious traffic jam on the freeways. But reserving tickets as early as possible is necessary.

Stops for the long distant highway transportation are scattering in different cities, but Taipei, Taichung and Kaohsiung are the main transferring stops. There are six bus companies now providing daily transportation service between CKS International Airport and major cities around Taiwan. They are :Kuokuang Bus, Free Go Express, Toward You Air Bus, United Highway, Evervoyage, Taoyuan Bus. Bus routes information can be found by visiting the Website of
CKS International Airport.

List of Intercity Buses Telephone No.


Bus Company TEL No.
Kuokuang Bus Corp. 0800-010-138; (03)383-4004
Free Go Express (02)2586-3065 ; (03)393-1351
Toward You Air Bus Co. 0800-088-626
Evervoyage Transport Corp. (03)3570498; 3833801; 3931707
United Highway Bus (02)2995-7799; 2995-8735; (03) 383-4779
Taoyuan Bus Corp. (03)375-3711
Dragon Bus 0800-550599; (02)2571-0166
Aloha Bus (02)2550-8488

Taiwan's domestic airlines industry is quite active, with busy travel in the sky among major cities; flying is as common as taking long-distance buses, and flights are always fully booked during holidays. As a result, airlines require prior reservation. Most travel agencies also handle reservation and ticketing on behalf of airlines.

While checking in airlines counter, personal identification card is required for proper boarding procedures. (ID required for Taiwan citizens and passports for foreigners.) Regulations for luggage & carry-on handlings may vary by airlines; passengers are advised to contact airlines for details ahead of trips.

Cellular phones are strictly prohibited on planes on flight safety concerns. In addition, Items that may harm flying safety such as highly-compressed cans, flammable items...etc. are also barred from flights; for further information please refer to :
Domestic Flight Information
Domestic Airline Companies

The mass rapid transit system(MRT) in Taipei, together with the metropolitan area's dedicated bus route network, forms a convenient transportation system. The MRT currently has five lines in operation:

Green Line  (Tamshui - Hsintien)
Orange Line (Peitou - Nanshih Chiao)
Blue Line
(Hsinpu - Kunyung)
Brown Line (Chunshan high school - Taipei Zoo)
Red Line (Peito - Hsin Peitou)
Hsiao Nanmen Line (Hsimen - CKS Memorial Hall)

These lines are dotted with a variety of attractions and scenic spots. As a result, visitors can take a leisurely journey through most of the attractive parts of Taipei by using  the MRT service. Auto ticketing slots can be found in MRT stations, providing ticketing services (Coin changers are equipped in all stations.) "Single-journey Ticket" price ranging from NT$20 to NT$65 depending on travel distance. A 150-dollar "One-day pass" purchased from service booth will allow unlimited travels among all MRT lines within one day. Please take advantage of One-day pass if you are in desire of visiting spots along MRT lines.

Please Note :

  • MRT running hours- 6:00-24:00

  • To provide passengers a comfortable and safe ride, smoking, drinking & gum chewing are strictly prohibited in MRT area.

  • Using cellular phone is prohibited in the first and the last cabinet of the train.

  • Tickets are valid on day of purchase.

  • Please locate pets in hand-carry cage; police dogs and guide dogs are excluded.


Major cities have an abundance of taxis. Charges are NT$70 for the first 1.5km and NT$5 for each additional 300 meters. An additional NT$5 is charged for every two minutes of waiting, and a 20% surcharge is added to fares between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m., NT$10 dollars tip needed for cab dispatched by phone and for luggage placed in taxi trunk. Charges may be raised during Chinese New Year holidays. Basically, taxi fares in all major cities are set by local city government itself and are in a minor discrepancy. Out-of-town or long-distance travels may not apply to meter charge; travelers are suggested to confirm charging method before getting on taxi.

50% additional to meter charge needed for cab travel to CKS airport. It costs around NT$1,200 to travel from CKS to Taipei city, and NT$300 for traveling between Kaohsiung city and Hsiaokang airport. Island wide travel service available in fixed fares upon passengers' needs.
Most drivers do not speak English, so it is a good idea to have hotel personnel write both your destination and your hotel's name and address in Chinese, along with the projected cost of each one-way trip.

Any unreasonable charges or misdeeds from taxi drivers, please jot down driverís name and licenseís plate along with time, place & happenings for further pleading to local supervision or foreign affair police department.

Taipei Foreign Affairs Police Station : (02)2381-7475; 2381-8341; 23817494
Taichung Foreign Affairs Police Station : (04)2222-3725
Kaohsiung Foreign Affairs Police Station : (07)215-4342


Visitors with international licenses may drive a car in Taiwan. However, for those who are not familiar with the road conditions, it is recommended to rent a car with driver. Cars can be rented at service counters in major airports, train stations and downtown locations. Some of international hotels also provide car rental service which is convenient to visitors who need just airport pick-up or a journey in a few hours.

Some car rental companies allow customers to return cars at more than just one outlets with additional service charge applied. Most car rental companies offer favorable rental packages, but most rental fees do not include insurance, so it is best to make sure of the company's particular policy before taking a car out. In Taiwan, cars are driving to the right; drivers and passenger in the front must fasten seatbelts. For car-rental traveling, visitors are advised to familiarize Taiwan's driving regulations. After obtaining legally effective drivers' license, an adventure in Taiwan is ready ahead of you.

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Information provided by Tourism Bureau, Rep. of China.


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