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Keelung belongs to northern Taiwan, with mountains surrounding on three sides, while Dunghai (The Esatern Sea) in its north front. Serving as a natural harbor with immense water, Keelung has its bay cut into downtown deeply. Within the city are much more slopes than planes, and moreover, the protective Keelung Islet and Hoping Islet screen on both sides of the water. These factors mentioned above have contributed to this natural and strategically difficult point, which combines roles of commercial, military, and fishing harbor, yet most importantly, keeps guard at the gates of the whole Taipei area. Famous foods in Keelung include the night market in front of the temple gate, Lienjen Cake Store, Lihu Cake Store, and Taiyanggu (Sun Valley) Honey Store.


  • Heping Island
    Heping (Peace) Island is a popular tourist spot noted for its curious rock formations, particularly those in the shape of mushrooms and tofu (bean curd). The walls of a shallow cave here (FantzCave) bear inscriptions in Dutch, said to have been left when the Dutch abandoned their occupation of Taiwan in the 17th century.


  • Chungcheng Park
    Historical Background : Chung Cheng Park is situated on the side of Ta Sha Wan Shan, which is at the east of Keelung City. There is a white statue of Goddess of Mercy in the park. This 25-meter high statue has become one of the characteristics of Keelung. The park overlooks Keelung City and the harbor. Chung Cheng Park was called Kang Park in the past. There are three levels in the park. On the first level is a historic canon fort. On the second level is a Buddhist library, Chung Lieh Temple and Chu Pu Tan Temple. The temple attracts many worshipers on July 15. On the third level is Kuan Hai Pavilion. Sitting in the pavilion, visitors can see the entire Keelung and the ocean.
    Cultural Highlights : The statue of Goddess of Mercy is the landmark of Chung Cheng Park. It is the biggest Goddess statue in Southeast Asia. Inside the statue is a stairway leading to the top. Chu Pu Tan is where worshipers gather on Chung Yuan Festival. The first immigrants to Taiwan used to fight with each other for land. In order to stop the disputes, they set up a temple for yearly worship. The temple was in Kao Sha Park during the Japanese occupation and moved to Chung Cheng Park.


  • Hai Men Tien Hsien
    Going further up the hill from Chungcheng Park are the remains of the fortifications that once guarded Keelung Harbor. Ershawan Fort was built in 1840 and there are a number of replica cannons marking the original gun emplacements. The fortifications cover a wide area and there are many shaded walks. The fortress gate, which is still well preserved, has been designated a historic site of the first rank.

  • Ho Ping Coastal Park
    Historical Background : Ho Ping Island was called Liao Island in the past. It is located at the north of Taiwan. Ho Ping Bridge connects the island to Keelung City. In 1626, the Spanish army built castles, churches and fortresses, preparing to do business with China and Japan. The castle on the southwest is called San Salvador, the saint savior. This is the first and currently the only castle in Keelung. During the Spanish occupation, Ho Ping Island had busy trading activities with Southeast Asia. After World War II, the island was renamed Ho Ping Island. Today, it is a famous tourist attraction.
    Cultural Highlights : Ho Ping Island is perfect for diving and sea fishing. With years of erosion by the wind and sea, the eroded rocks and coasts have formed special shapes. The Keelung government has made Ho Ping Island a coastal park with swimming pool, tour track, tourism service center and food and beverages.


  • Keelung Snacks
    The renowned food market in Keelung has been founded for more than 40 years. It surrounds Denji Temple on Jen Er Road in Keelung. It is located on Jen San Road between Ai Er Road and Ai San Road. There are many kinds of eatery here and more than 200 food stands gather in the area of 400 meters. When walking in the food market, one would wish that he (she) had an unlimited appetite to taste all of the delicious foods here. The owner of each food stand strives to create delicacy. Good materials are used for the dishes and prices are modest. The market attracts huge crowd each day. The famous dishes include soup mix, fried fish pastry, meat soup, fried oysters and meat on rice, etc. There are seafood, fried chicken, cold desserts, and more. Visiting the food market will give you a chance to taste all of the famous dishes in Taiwan. Other than local residents, many tourists visit the place for a good bite. Please do visit the food market in Keelung for Taiwan's delicacy. The food market in Keelung is open until late at night, about 2:00 am or 3:00am. You can see many food stands spreading smell of tasty foods at this hour. Nearby there are also stands for clothes and daily items. One can go for some shopping after a good meal.

  • Shiandung Cave
    This sea-eroded cave, more than 80 meters long,has walls decorated with lifelike carvings of the 18 Arhats of Buddhist lore. It is one of Keelung's most popular religious as well as sightseeing attractions.

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Information provided by Tourism Bureau, Rep. of China.


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