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The CKS International Airpor - (take the buses of Guo-Guang Motor Transit Co., TaoyuanMotor Transit Co.) - ChungLi City - (take the train of Taiwan Railway) - Chiayi County / City


The CKS International Airport - (take the U-Bus to Chung-Li Transit Station) - Chiayi County / City



Kaohsiung Xiao-Gang Airport - (take the buses of the transportation route of the airport, Bus 301, Guo-Guang Motor Transit Co., Kaohsiung Motor Transit Co., Chung-Nan Motor Transit Co.) - Kaohsiung City - (take the train of Taiwan Railway, the buse of Guo-Guang Motor Transit Co.) - Chiayi County / City

The Tropic of Cancer bisects the counties of Chia-I and Hua-lien . There is a monument just outside Chia-I City that marks its latitude. Some of the earliest pioneers from Zhangzhou in Fujian Province landed in Chia-I and settled in the area near present Shingang . The inhabitants of the area remained loyal to the imperial govern-ment during the Lin Shuang-wen rebellion in 1786--a period of history recorded in artifacts preserved in Yimin Temple in Chia-I .


  • Chiayi Night Market
    According to local custom, the birthday of the Lord of the Somber Heavens is celebrated with swinging competitions and there is a wide range of local ceremonial activities on the sixth day of the third lunar month of the Chinese leap year. These celebrations are unique to Chiai. The Wenhua Road Night Market, which extends for almost half a kilometer, is a pedestrian area where all kinds of local snacks and delicacies can be sampled.


  • Lan Tan
    Historical Background : Lantan Pond is located northeast of suburbs in Chiayi City. In 1620, the Dutch built the dam at the branch of Lu Liao in Pa Chang Stream. During the Japanese Time, the Japanese has built a dam about 70 hectare for reservoir of waterworks. Until now Lantan is still the reservoir of the waterworks for Chia-I. Providing the drinking water and irrigating for Chiayi, and this makes Lanta a tour resort. The pond is clear as the mirror, which can see the bottom of it. Lumpiness mound around the sides, flourishing trees through spring and summer time, Flowers and trees assisting, the image of the Lantan Pond, the images of the mountains and moon, the dusky of the pond like the poem. The Moonlight of Lantan Pond is the main view of the eight sceneries of Chiayi. Along the Huan Hu highway, you can see many landscape buildings. Standing at the top of the landscape building, you can see the views of downtowns of Chiayi.
    Cultural Highlights : Lantan Pond contains hill lumpiness near around. There are three booths, which are for traveler's resting and surveying the view of the city, at the southwestern of it. The facilities in the Lantan Pond is well, it is the best place for the holidays. Lantan Pond has many multiform floras not only provide a good shelter for the birds buy also providing abundant food, and abundant more than 60 kinds of bird resources. Lantan Pond is clearer that all the civil can't force to watch birds and visiting interesting holidays. Recently, ardent populace has developed the Lantan back mountain, also called "Bamboo Shoots Hut Mountain" near the east side of the Huan Hu highway. Because the mountain is not very high, the transportation is convenient, and it's close to downtown with well design of footway. Besides, the mountain light and the moon light shining on the tall bamboo form a beautiful scene. In short years, "Bamboo Shoots Hut Mountain" has become a famous place not only for the hiker in Chiayi but also for all the hikers outside the city.

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