Puerto Galera / Mindoro


Oriental Mindoro has the natural asset for attracting tourists. It still has the unspoiled envireoment, tropical climate, an agricultural setting, numerous beaches, interesting mountain areas, lakes, rivers, rain forests, wild animals, rare fora and fauna and the existing cultural minorites.

Special interest tours in the province such as mountain climbing, trekking, hiking, camping, butterfly watching, game fishing, adventure trips to the wilderness, visiting Mangyan settlement areas, natural caves and waterfalls exploration, island hopping, scuba diving, snorkeling and swimming could be conceptualized.


Created on February 20, 1921, Mindoro is the seventh largest island in the Philippines. In the early years of Spanish rule, Mindoro was administered as part of the province of Batangas. But during the 17th century, Mindoro was separated from the Batangas having Puerto Galera as its capital. However, it was in 1950 that the island-province was divided into two through Republic Act. No. 505 designating the eastern portion of the island as Oriental Mindoro with Calapan as its capital and the western part as Occidental Mindoro with Mamburao as its capital.


Rice, copra, sugar, corn, abaca - all can be grown without difficulty. So, too, other fruits and vegetables. Good quality coal can be obtained. There are white marble and slate deposits. Sulphur, gypsum, hot springs, salt springs and guano deposits for fertilizer are present. Numerous rivers with falls and rapids assure energy and power for economic developments. The waters around support a lucrative fishing industry.


Access to Oriental Mindoro from Manila is by a two and a half hour land trip to Batangas City, and then by a two-hour ferry boat ride either to Calapan or Puerto Galera. There are several commercial buses that regularly ply the route from Manila to Batangas City. Ferry boats have daily trips from Batangas City to Calapan or Puerto Galera.

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  Information provided by Department of Tourism. Government of Philippines.


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