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NOTE : Non-essential travel to Pakistan is advised against, to northern areas, the North West Frontier Province and Baluchistan in particular. People of non-Pakistani origin are at greater risk. For further advice visitors should contact their local government travel advice department.

AIR : Pakistanís national airline is Pakistan International Airlines (PK), linking Pakistan with 47 destinations around the world. Other airlines serving Pakistan include British Airways, Saudia Airlines, China Xinjiang Airlines and Thai Airways.

Approximate flight times : From Karachi to London is 7 hours 40 minutes, to Los Angeles is 22 hours 30 minutes, to New York is 21 hours 40 minutes, to Riyadh is 3 hours 35 minutes and to Singapore is 7 hours 15 minutes.

International airports : Karachi (KHI) (Quaid-e-Azam) is 15km (10 miles) northeast of the city (travel time - 30-45 minutes). Coaches to the city run every 25 minutes. A bus runs from dusk to dawn every 15 minutes. Taxi services to the city are available. Good airport facilities exist 24 hours, including duty-free shops, restaurant, post office, bank and shops. Lahore (LHE), 18km (5 miles) southeast of the city (travel time - 20 minutes). Coaches and buses leave regularly for the city. Taxi services to the city are also available. Airport facilities include car hire, bank, restaurant and shops. Islamabad (ISB) (Islamabad International) is 8km (5 miles) southeast of the city (travel time - 20 minutes). Coach and taxi services to the city are available. There are full duty-free facilities. Peshawar (PEW), 4km (2.5 miles) from the city (travel time - 10 minutes). Full bus and taxi services to the city are available.

Departure tax : PRs800 for international passengers travelling first class, PRs600 for business class and PRs400 for economy class. Transit passengers and children under two years of age are exempt.

SEA : The major port is Karachi (Kemari). It is both Pakistanís and Afghanistanís port for goods, together with Port Qasim. No passenger boats or ships for the general public sail to or from Pakistan at present.

RAIL : The Lahore - Delhi Samjhota Express leaves Lahore on Mondays and Thursdays. A rail link extends from Quetta (via the border crossing at Taftan) to Zahedan, Iran; the express train (travel time - 27 hours) runs weekly from Quetta, as does the passenger train, which only travels as far as Taftan.

ROAD : From China : the Khunjerab Pass is open between 1 May - 31 October for groups and until 15 November for individual tourists. Customs and Immigration posts are open daily from 0830-1100 for outgoing tourists and until 1600 for incoming tourists. Transport includes buses, vans and four-wheel-drive vehicles.

From India :
Wagha is the only land border open between Pakistan and India (Lahore - Amritsar route). The border post is open daily 0830-1430 from 16 April to 15 October, and 0900-1500 from 16 April to 15 October. A minibus runs from Lahore railway station to Wagha and there are also taxis available (travel time - 30 minutes).

From Iran :
travel is only possible via the Quetta - Taftan - Zahedan route. The border is open from 0900-1300 and 1400-1700. Several buses and coaches leave daily from Quetta to Taftan (travel time - 18 hours). There is also a road from Kabul, Afghanistan to Peshawar.

NOTE : Visitors exiting Pakistan by land routes are subject to a road toll. Travel to the federally administered tribal areas and the border areas with Afghanistan is not recommended. For further information visitors should seek official advice.

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Information provided by Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.


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