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WATERSPORTS : In addition to the beaches, swimming pools can be found in various clubs in large towns and in major hotels. Kemari sail or motorboats can be hired at a previously agreed price. Deep-sea night fishing is also available and there are a number of freshwater lakes offering good fishing facilities. For permits, enquire at the Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (see Contact Addresses section). Whitewater rafting and canoeing are increasingly popular on the rivers of the north of the country.

TREKKING : Pakistan contains five of the world’s highest peaks and several of the world’s largest glaciers. The northern areas are the most popular for trekking, with Gilgit and Skardu being good starting points for trips. The Karakorum Highway is also a popular hiking route (see Resorts & Excursions section). Trekking areas have been divided into ‘open’ and ‘restricted’ zones by the Government. Permits are not required for the open zone, but are necessary if the visitor intends to go to the restricted zone (parts of Chitral, Hunza and Baltistan, including the K2 base camp). They are usually issued within 24 hours. Visitors should check with the authorities before visiting remote areas, as advance permission is sometimes required. In addition, it is wise to consult the travel advice of foreign governments just prior to travel, as political tensions can lead to violence, especially in Kashmir.

GOLF : Clubs are located in the large cities and visitors are generally allowed to play a course if introduced by a member or if they acquire a temporary membership.

TENNIS : Clubs in the large cities have courts and visitors must be introduced by a member or can often obtain temporary membership through the Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation.

OTHER : Hockey is Pakistan’s national sport; however, it is easily surpassed in popularity by cricket, which can be watched in most major towns at many different levels. Football is fast becoming popular and regular matches can be seen in the stadium at Karachi and at other sports fields all over the country. Polo matches can be seen in major cities and most notably in the northern towns of Gilgit and Chitral. Horse-racing takes place in winter in Karachi and Lahore. There is also a ski resort at Malam Jabba in the Karakoram range.

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Information provided by Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.


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