With the thrills of outdoor activities Nepal also offers city fun for its visitors. While visitors enjoy the rustic by simply beholding spectacular sights and partaking in the activities of exotic cultures, in cities like Kathmandu and Pokhara some entertainment is on par with western world.

Visitors have a choice from a potpourri of amusements. They can: partake in cultural shows that include theater and local art; wine and dine at premier hotels that provide excellent service; enjoy music and dance at newly-opened discotheques; try a luck at rummy or blackjack at one of our casinos; or just watch a movie as cozy twosome in one of our movie theaters.

Kathmandu, which is generally a quiet city after twilight bustles with life till the wee hours of morning in the narrow alleys of Thamel and other selected places. Bars and pubs, many of which feature live music stay open till late night while discotheques function to keep boredom at bay for the young Nepali crowd and tourists out for the night.

A taste of Nepali culture is still sought by tourists. Visitors are fascinated by ethnic ambience in local restaurants that serve authentic Nepali food. Art galleries and museums of the Valley exhibiting cultural treasures are also among preferred tourist choices. Health clubs and gymnasium are available for sports lovers. While latest Nepali and Hindi movies run in most movie theaters, a theatre in Kathmandu also runs good English movies. Video and DVD stores offer wider range of choices.

    Kathmandu is one of the famous casino cities in the Indian subcontinent. Customers gamble away small fortunes at pontoon, roulette, flush, rummy, black jack, baccarat, slot machine all hours every day in the casinos of Kathmandu. The minimum stake is low enough for novices to start. U.S., Indian and Nepali currency, traveler's cheques and major credit cards are accepted. The alluring atmosphere in the non-stop gamble party tempts visitors to stay longer than they intend. However, it is up to guests to either play or stay an observer away from action. The casinos in the top hotels of Kathmandu even entitle guests to breakfast, lunch or dinner and taxi ride back to the guests' hotels.

  • GOLF
    One of the most expensive sports of the world, golf was started in Nepal by the Royal families. The history of golf in Nepal goes back to the time when a delegation of Rana ministers returned home with golf clubs from a visit to Scotland. They started playing golf in what is today's Gaucharan. The first real golf tournament Lava Cup was started in 1920. The several golf courses in Nepal are: Gokarna Forest Golf Resort and Royal Nepal Golf Course in Kathmandu, Himalayan Golf Club and Fulbari Resort Golf Course in Pokhara and Nirvana Country Club in Dharan. The best time for a play is during the dry season between October and March. Golf clubs in Kathmandu and Pokhara offer excellent courses with magnificent view of the Himalayas.

    The Gokarna Forest Golf Resort, is one of the finest in South Asia. It is a 72-course golf area with 18 holes. The course is set in an old forest area of the Valley. Near the resort is Harmony Spa, for soothing golf senses. For more information visit: www.gokarna.com or e-mail gokarna@mos.com.np. Established in 1829, Royal Nepal Golf Course in Kathmandu's Til Ganga is one of the oldest of Nepal and of Asia. The course was conferred the title of 'Royal' in 1911. The Himalayan Golf Club in Pokhara situated about 6 kilometers away from the city is a recently completed pro-championship designed 9 holes golf course which is located in a beautiful amphitheater like setting of a river canyon scene with a panoramic view of the Annapurna Himalayan range.

    Shopping in Nepal is easy. With a little money and some time one can obtain the best buys this little kingdom has to offer. It will be helpful to have a Nepali for company if a huge shopping project is at hand. Common tourist shopping items include souvenirs and trinkets like gems and jewelry. However, one should be careful while buying jewelry as assessing their quality is difficult. Hand-weaved cotton fabric is a popular buy among visitors. Some buy pashmina that this Himalayan region is famous for and some also buy fresh tea and spices.

    Popular buys among visitors are local craft and artwork. Among these are the Tibetan and Newar Thangka and Paubha paintings that belong to the time when these cultures were at their peak. Visitors buy Newari woodcrafts of picture frames, windows, statues and carvings. Carpets that represent the age-old folk art of the Tibetans are also very popular. Shops have rugs on display, however, carpets can be custom made by contacting the manufacturer. Traditional Nepali paper is popular as writing pads and bound journals, calendars and lampshades.

    There are government restrictions that visitors should be aware of before purchasing items to take home. Antiques are not permitted to be taken out of the country. Hence inspection by the Department of Archeology is required for export of antiques. To be on the safe side, visitors should have all material examined by the Department of Archeology and obtain a certificate from the office before leaving Nepal.

    Kathmandu offers dining varieties that range from the exotica of five-star menus to roadside café experience. The best part about it is that the price range is easily affordable for most tourists. Restaurants in Kathmandu and around the Valley have improved a great deal in the last several years. Indian, Chinese, continental and enough other varieties are available to satisfy the palate of a food connoisseur. Visitors, also enjoy authentic taste of indigenous cuisines in the ethnic ambience of Nepali restaurants. Restaurants and food joints in the nooks and corners of Thamel are very popular among Western visitors. In some restaurants of Kathmandu and Pokhara, traditional songs and dances are performed by local artists during meals.

    Kathmandu, which is generally a quiet city after twilight bustles with life till the wee hours of morning in the narrow alleys of Thamel and other selected places. Bars and pubs, many of which feature live music stay open till late night while discotheques function to keep boredom at bay for the young Nepali crowd and tourists out for the night. Some popular nightlife hubs are Galaxy in Hotel Everest, Rox Bar at the Hyatt Regency, Royal Disco in Durbarmarg, Fire Club in Thamel and Platinum in Hotel Yak and Yeti. Frequent private parties are also organized at various places especially during weekends and public holidays.

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Information provided by Nepal Tourism Board.


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