Yangon is definitely the destination for alternative shopping. The city boasts of unique, very reasonably-priced items that one may not find even in its close neighbors. Some of its attractions include:

  • Precious Stones & Jewelry
    visitors can go crazy buying stones in Yangon: from precious birthstones to finer jades, sapphire and rubies.

  • Lacquerware
    perhaps the most popular buy is Myanmar lacquerware. This attractive work of art, mostly coming from upcountry Bagan, is easily a collectible. Shoppers may choose from a wide variety of colours, shapes and sizes, although one may also find pleasure in the antique lacquerware pieces found in any major shop in town.

  • Tapestry
    unique tapestries that equal Myanmar lacquerware in terms of popularity. These woven fabrics are normally handmade using gold and silver thread, with silver and metal finish.

  • Antiques
    another popular buy in Yangon. Collectibles include statues, brass animal shapes, wooden fixtures, old clocks, and the like.

  • Fabrics
    shoppers may go in a buying frenzy with all these colourful traditional longyi. Prices are very reasonable and are available in almost every market and store in town.

  • Woodcraft
    from small items such as figurines and wooden canes to as heavy as home furniture. One would surely find pleasure in going through a wide variety of good quality woodcraft The most popular places for bargain-hunting includes Bogyoke Aung San Market (Scott Market) where one can go through countless options of souvenir items sold at significantly low prices. Shoppers would enjoy haggling for discounts as most of the items are sold without price tags. Other places for good buys include downtown Chinatown and shopping centers around the city.

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Information provided by Myanmar Tourism Promotion Board.


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