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Located in the southeast area of Korea, Ulsan is one of the largest cities in Korea. It is the largest industrial city in Korea with ports and mild weather. The city of Ulsan is easy to access and abundant in historical relics from the Silla Kingdom. The major tourist attractions include Ulgi Park, Ulgi lighthouse and Mt. Gajisan Provincial Park.

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  • Ulgi Park (Daewongam Park)
    Address :
    San, 907, Ilsan-dong, Dong-gu, Ulsan
    Description :
    Ulgi Park is a seaside park located on the east coast, and has a walk, and Daewongam’s refreshing scenery. Ulgi Park has a pine forest trail path, about 1km long, going from the parking lot right up to the seashore. The forest is considered one of the great Haesong forests, and during the walk you can see cherry blossoms, magnolias, camellias, apricots, and forsythias, which make the road very beautiful in the spring. Once you are out on the beach, you can see many interesting shapes of the seaside rocks. So very interesting are some of their shapes that compliments get uttered without thought. When you go to the seaside rocks, there is a whale bone’s jaw bone standing up, and you can tell that Wolsan used to be famous for whale hunting. Go past the whale jaw bone and walk for a bit, and you will come across Daewongam. Daewongam is a large rock island, but because it has been connected to the mainland with an iron bridge, you can easily cross it. Once you have crossed over to Daewongam, on the eastern end is an observation tower, where you can enjoy a clear unobstructed view of the scenery. Come out of Daewongam, and go in the opposite direction of the pine forest trail, and you will come across Ulgi Park’s stroll path. When you have walked about half of the distance, you can see the Ulgi Lighthouse, which acts as a guide to ships in the East sea. Daeam is named so because Silla’s King Munmu (30th king, reign 661-681), who unified the entire Korean peninsula, was buried at this place. Some people say that the real Daewongam, tomb of King Munmu, is at the seashore of Gameunsaji in Gyeongju. Daewongam has the shape of a dragon rising up to the sky, and because it fell trying to rise up, it is also called Yongchuam. It is a very beautiful place, where the blue sea and the dark red rocks blend in perfectly.
    Directions :
    - From Ulsan Airport, take Bus [No. 33 or No. 101] and get off at the entrance of Ulgideungdae.
    - From Ulsan Station, take bus [No. 1-2 or No. 102] and get off at the entrance of Ulgideungdae.
    - From Ulsan Intercity Bus Terminal, take Bus(No. 1-2, No. 102, No. 5, No. 5-1 and get off at the entrance of Ulgideungdae.

    Information :
    - Inquiries : Ulsan Multi Tour Administration Office Tel : 052-277-0101 (Kor, Jap, Eng, Chn)
    - Homepage : (Kor, Eng, Jap, Chi)
    - Admission Fee : None
    Travel Tips :
    Ilsan Beach, Bangeojin Port, Eonyang Hot Springs, Seoknamsa Temple, Bangudaeamgakwha, Jeongja Beach.

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Information provided by Korea National Tourism Organization.


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