Japan Rial Pass

The Japan Rail Pass is one of several rail passes offering foreign visitors increased travel flexibility and significant reductions on the cost of rail travel in Japan. The Japan Rail Pass is valid for unlimited travel for a period of 7, 14 or 21 days on nearly all services of the extensive JR Transportation Network. This includes the Shinkansen or 'bullet train', except for the 'Nozomi' bullet train.

  • Price
    There are two types of Japan Rail Pass :

    Green - for travel in superior class carriages
    Ordinary - for travel in standard class carriages

    Prices in Japanese Yen are as follows :

Pass Type Ordinary Green
  Adults Children Adults Children
7-day 28,300 14,150 37,800 18,900
14-day 45,100 22,550 61,200 30,600
21-day 57,700 23,850 79,600 39,800

Note :
1. Pass prices for children apply from ages 6 to 11.
2. Prices are estimates only.

The local currency price for the pass is determined by the exchange rate at the time of purchase.

  • Is the JR Pass good value for money?

    The JR Pass is good value for money if you are planning to take a number of longer journeys during your stay. The table below will help you to compare the price of the JR Pass with the cost of some ordinary class, single fares on the Shinkansen or 'bullet train' (excluding the 'Nozomi' bullet train).
Journey Price in Japanese Yen
Tokyo-Kyoto 13,220
Tokyo-Shin-Osaka 13,750
Shin-Osaka-Hiroshima 9,950
Shin-Osaka-Fukuoka (Hakata) 14,590
Tokyo-Yokohama 450
Tokyo-Nagoya 10,580
Tokyo-Sendai 10,590
Tokyo-Nagano 7,970
Narita Airport-Tokyo Station (Narita Express) 2,940
Kansai Airport-Kyoto (Haruka Express) 3,490
Kansai Airport-Shin-Osaka (Haruka Express) 2,980

Note :
1. Return fares are double the price.
2. Prices are estimates only.

  • Accommodation Advantages
    Holders of the Japan Rail Pass are also entitled to a 10% discount on accommodation at any of the JR Group of Hotels. There are 30 JR Hotels across Japan. For details contact your nearest JNTO Office. Hotel reservations can be made through your travel agent or by contacting the hotels direct.

    Travel Agents can make a booking with the JR Hotel Group by using 'UI' (Utell's access code) on the GDS system, by visiting the Utell web site or by calling Utell on 0990 300 200 within the UK.

    JNTO Office
    Utell web site


  • Eligibility
    The pass cannot be purchased within Japan.
    Eligibility for the pass is limited to :

    • Foreign nationals visiting Japan as a 'Temporary Visitor' for the purpose of sightseeing

    • Japanese nationals living abroad who -

      • are qualified to live permanently in that country, or

      • have been living in that country for ten or more years, or

      • are married to a non-Japanese person who is residing in a country other than Japan.

    Contact your nearest authorised agent for further information about pass eligibility and conditions.

  • Where can I buy a JR Pass?
    JNTO does not sell the Japan Rail Pass. The pass is available from a number of authorised agents and, in most cases, can be purchased over the phone using a credit card.

  • Using your JR Pass
    Once you have arrived in Japan, your Japan Rail Pass will need to be validated (within three months of purchase) before it can be used. You can do this at any Japan Rail Pass Exchange Office, located in major JR Stations throughout the country, including those at Narita Airport (Tokyo) and Kansai International Airport (Osaka). You will need to show your passport when validating your JR Pass.

    After you have validated your pass you are ready to hit the road (or rails)! For non-reserved seating simply show your Japan Rail Pass when walking through the manned ticket barrier before you board the train. You can make an advance reservation by showing your pass at the green ticket window of any JR Station.

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  Information provided by Japan National Tourist Organization.


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