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The main gateway into Maluku is through the provincial capital of Ambon, which is served by regular flights to most parts of the archipelago. Air and sea transportation connects the islands with 79 seaports and 25 airports. Roads on many of the islands provide access to the more remote places of interest. To proclaim Maluku as a tourist destination on the east park of Indonesia, Maluku recognized with a new call name that is; Moluccas Spice Island exotic Marine Paradise.

The average annual rainfall of the Moluccas is 2,370 millimeters (90 inches), but the distribution of the rainfall varies throughout the province from year round in Seram and northern Halmahera to markedly seasonal in southern Halmahera, Obi, north-east Buru and the smaller islands to the south. Maluku lies at the intersection of two global currents, with influence flora and fauna in this area. Itís exotic nature, almost unequalled by other regions in the pacific, has attracted many visitor to this lush archipelago since ancient times. Wild tropical jungle interiors with evergreen forest are found on most islands.

In 1511, the Portuguese built their first fort in the area on the island of Ternate, and cornered the clove trade. The Dutch, who arrived in 1599, mounted the first serious threat to Portuguese control of Maluku's treasures. Armed conflicts broke out, taking a heavy toll from the island populations as well as the rival European powers. When the Dutch finally emerged as victors they enforced their trade monopoly with an iron fist. Whole villages were razed to the ground and thousands of islanders died, especially on the island of Banda. The British briefly occupied Maluku during the Napoleonic Wars, but Dutch rule was restored in 1814 and it wasn't until 1868 that the compulsory cultivation of spices was abolished in the province. Now fish and other sea products are Maluku's major sources of revenue, but nickel, oil, manganese and various kinds of timber also contribute to the province's wealth.

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Ambon is the capital city of Maluku and the main commercial and administration point of the Moluccas. In World War II this city was bombed destroying all the beautiful colonial buildings, but the city has a stunning bay, bustling shops, markets, wharves and great weather. The center of the spice trade of the 17th century, Ambon island retains many buildings of great historical significance; while many colonial buildings were destroyed during bombing raids during The Second World War, Fort Victoria, of Portuguese origin, stands proud as one of the chief local attractions.

Many natural oddities occur here too; in the village of Waai, an underwater cave filled by a freshwater mountain spring is home to freshwater moray eels, considered sacred by the villagers, who tease the eels into coming to the surface to feed them egg yolk.


By Air:
The airport is located on Ambon Island's Hitu Peninsula approximately 37 Kilometres from the city of Ambon. One can take a taxi from the airport that takes 45 minutes and costs between $8-$10 US or a ferry that goes between Poka and Galala, this cuts the travelling distance in half, but beware the are often large ques to board the ferry and sometimes it is quicker to take a taxi.

Local Transport
Taxis, minibuses and three wheeled bicycle carts - becaks provide transportation in an around the city of Ambon.


Diving and Snorkeling

Ambon has some fantastic conditions and reefs to dive/snorkel; Latulahat, Eman Latu are less than 45 minutes away from central Ambon, and have attractive fish and coral to amaze even the most jaded diver.

Natsepa, 14km north of Ambon is home to one of the most pleasant beaches, where hot sands are met by warm sea; enjoy the privilege of being a tourist; go during the week and avoid the weekend rush; it's worth it!

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Information provided by Department of Tourism. Government of Indonesia.


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