Komodo Dragons

Famous around the world for the Komodo Dragon and excellent diving, Komodo lies just to the East of Sumbawa. The legendary reputations of Komodo Dragons, coupled with dangerous currents and deep waters around the island, have kept the population and visitors to a minimum. This has helped preserve the island natural flora, fauna and coral formations.

On the strangely foreboding island of Komodo between Flores and Sumbawa is the Jurassic Park of Indonesia, a small island of 280 square km, home to the famous Komodo dragon, a giant monitor lizard over two meters long, the world's biggest reptile which can reach more than 3m in length and 136 kg, perhaps the only living cousin of the dinosaur. Potential man-eaters, the dragons are extremely dangerous and visitors must be accompanied by a park ranger to the 59,000 hectare park. A special "bite zone", a fenced enclosure like a terrestrial shark cage allows visitors to safely take pictures of the dragons as they fight, mate and eat in the surrounding forest.


 Restaurants Nearest to Komodo Island
 New Vanini
 Jl. Bung Karno
 12 Cakranegara 
 Phone: (0364) 26013
 Garden House
 Jl. Pejanggik Pusat 
 Pertokoan Mataram
 Phone: (0364) 22233
 Bangsa Pemenang 
 Gili Trawangan
 Rudy's Pub
 Gili Trawangan
 ]l. Raya Senggigi,
 Phone: (0364) 24613
 Jl. Raya Senggigi
 Phone: (0364) 93057 
 Jl Pantai Senggigi
 Phone: (0364) 23961
 Senggigi Lombok
 Pondok Senggigi
 Jl. Pantai Senggigi
 Phone: (0364) 22876
 Batu Bolong
 Jl. Pantai Senggigi,
 Phone (0364) 24598

The island of Komodo can now be reached by ferry from Sape on Sumbawa Island, and from Labuanbajo, in Manggarai. Komodo Island is 20 miles away from Labuanbajo. By motorboat, the trip takes three hours, the alternative is to go by ferry from Sape in Sumbawa or take one of the several luxury cruise ships that ply the area or over the Flores mainland via Manggarai Regency by public transport means or by twin Otter aircraft from the little airport of Mutiara.

By Air:
Nusa Tenggara Barat consists of two main islands: Lombok and Sumbawa. On the island of Lombok we find Selaparang Airport, in Mataram City, just 2 kms from the city of Sumbawa Besar, located in the Western region of the island. Also on Sumbawa, but on the eastern side of this long, elongated island, is Salahudin Airport about 10 kms from the city of Bima. Fokker-27 planes can reach Sumbawa Island. It is easy to reach Nusa Tenggara Barat with domestic flights.

By Land:
Nusa Tenggara Barat (NTB) has good internal transportation system, having good public transport within its cities and larger bus services connecting cities. To reach tourism areas and tourist attractions on NTB a variety of public and private transport is available. "Angkutan Kota" and taxis can be used within a city, and even "Cidomo"- traditional horse-drawn carts-and motor boats, in seaside areas, exist. The city of Mataram in Lombok, the provincial capital, holds the main transport terminal, which serves all cities, towns and large villages throughout the entire NTB region. Cidomo horse carts operate wherever you arrange for them to take you - a bit like a taxi.

By Sea:
A regular ferry service exist from Bali to Lombok with 12 crossing a day, every 2 hours, starting at 6.00 am. The journey takes approx. 3.5 - 4 hours and the price varies depending on the quality of the ferry. For those wishing to continue on to Sumbawa, there are 6 departures a day from Khayangan Harbor in Easter Lombok, to Poto Tano Harbor in West Sumbawa. The journey takes about 1.5 hours. Also a ferry runs once a day from Sape Harbor, in far Eastern Sumbawa, to Nusa Tenggara Timur once a day. Ships call at Lembe Harbor in Lombok once fortnightly. Using the following route :

The Kelimutu
Every Monday leaves Lembar for Bima-Waingapu-Ende-Kupang-Kalabahi-Maumere-Ujung Pandang, and return.

The KM Sirimau
Leaves Lembar (Lombok) every Friday and Sunday.
Lembar-Makasar (Ujung Pandang)
Lembar-Surabaya-Sampit-Cirebon-Pontianak-Tanjung Priok.

The Kelimutu also departs Bima (East Sumbawa) once every 2 weeks on a Wednesday.
There are 2 routes :
Bima-Waingapu-Ende-Kupang-Kalabahi-Maumere-Ujung Pandang and return. Bima-Lembaar-Benoa-Banyuwangi. Remarks: Quoted information as above may change without prior notice

The Palace of Dalam Loka
Constructed during the reign of Sultan Muhammad Jalaludin lil, the Sultan of Sumbawa kingdom (1883 -1931), in Seketeng village, is an exquisite example of the local traditional architectural style. Mainly using wood for its construction, it is supported by 99 wooden poles, which coincides with the 99 names of God Almighty, according to the local belief.

  • Bate Gong
    A village of coral construction architecture.

  • Lebuk Tallwang
    This extensive lake covered with waterlilies, men fishing incanoes, waterfowls and hawks, is only 3 km from Taliwang which is renowned for its restaurants serving delicious chicken dishes. Marvelous boating and fishing.

  • Aik lenung - Bate Tereng
    The massive sarcophagi with human and crocodile figures carved in love found in this area are believed to be 2000 years old.

  • Dora Bate
    The remains of The Dompu palace which was covered with volcanic dust during Mount Tamboras explosion in 181S. The area is now the government's archeological site.

  • Lepadi
    The traditional Dompu horse race with small boys as the jockeys, originated from this village.

  • Bima
    The capital town of Bima Regency and also the connecting port of Eastern, Central, and Western Indonesia. A restored former Sultan's palace containing historical items such as the royal crown.

  • Maria
    The houses of this village are the finest examples of traditional Bima architecture.

  • Melayu
    The sacred graveyard of the kings of Bima. Interesting ornaments on the tombstones.

  • Donggo Village
    Located on a high plateau, this village is the home of the swidden-farmers called the Dou Donggo which literally means mountain people. Many historical remains were found here, including the original East Sumbawa house.

  • Mayo Island
    One hour by boat from Labuhan Badas arid Sumbevva. A game National conservation area, patronage by the British Royal contains many wild and endangered species of birds and other animals. White sandy beaches and not less than 6000 hectares of magical underwater world, filled with abundant and colorful marine life, make this a natural paradise.

  • Taman Ria Tirta Sari
    A sea resort with a recreational park. Bungalows, restaurants, and a fresh water swimming pool are available.

  • Labuhan Sumbawa
    The former port of Sumbawa regency. A sleepy old port, now it is only used by the ferries departing for Moyo island.

  • Nisa Pudu Island
    A nature conservation and recreational area providing a magnificent spot for experiencing the enchanting sunrise of Sumbawa. Accomodation is not available.

  • Hu'u Beach
    Its long uncompromising curling waves give this area its reputation as one of the best spots for surfing in Indonesia.

  • Sarae Me'e Beach
    Wind surfing and pleasant swimming.

  • Ule Beach
    Marvelous sea panorama and Watersports venues.

  • Gunung Tambora
    The highest mountain in Sumbawa. Its eruption in 1815 caused mass destruction throughout the island with the explosion heard as far as Ternate (1400 km), and tremors felt in Surabaya (800 km). The volcanic dust, ejected into the stratosphere creating spectacular orange sunsets around the world.

  • Kencana Beach
    Magnificent view of the adjacent Moyo island and Tanjung Menangis (The Crying Cape), where homestays in Sumbawa architectural style are available.

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Information provided by Department of Tourism. Government of Indonesia.


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