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North India - Himachal Pradesh


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Himachal Pradesh is a tiny hill state whose pleasant summers make it a popular holiday resort. The Raj still lingers in Shimla, the state capital and former summer capital during British rule. Kullu-Manali are neighbouring resorts, surrounded by pine covered hills and lush meadows. Himachal has, in addition to popular resort towns, a series of secluded hill retreats ideal for interested anglers, trekkers and those wanting a quiet getaway. Many of these include: from Shimla Mashobra, Kufri, Naldehra; those around Kullu-Manali include Manikaran, Naggar and Brighu Lake; the barely accessible valleys of Lahaul and Spiti are a trekker’s delight.


Situated in the north-west Himalayas, Shimla is the capital of Himachal Pradesh. Spread across 12 kms along a ridge that overlooks terraced hillsides and cultivations, Shimla is magnificently robed in dense forests of oak and pine, fur and rhododendron, and it is best to travel here on the slow train from Kalka. Shimla also is a convenient base for variety of adventure sports such as Skiing, Trekking, Fishing and Golfing etc.

: 18 sq. km.
Altitude : 2,213 metres.
Temperature (deg C) : Summer- Max.27, Min.14.5; Winter- Max.16.5, Min.5.2.
Clothings : Summer - Light woollens, Winter - Heavy woollens.
Best Season : April to Mid-July, Mid-September to Mid-November.
Languages Spoken : Pahari (Local Dialect), Hindi, English.


  • Air : Vayudoot services connect Jubbor-Hatti (23 kms from Shimla) with Kullu, Chandigarh and Delhi. Delhi is in turn connected with Culcutta by Indian Airlines flights. Jagson Airlines has also flights from Delhi to Shimla.
    Fare : Calcutta-Delhi Rs.4797 (J), Rs.3445 (Y).

  • Rail : Shimla is connected by a narrow guage railway line with Kalka (90 kms) which in turn is connected with the major cities in India.
    Fare(approx) : Calcutta-Shimla Rs.1406 (AC-2A), Rs.1105 (I), Rs.334 (II).

  • Road : Regular bus services connect Shimla with Chandigarh 117 kms, Kullu 220 kms, Manali 260 kms, Delhi 343 kms, Mandi 150 kms, Pathankot 380 kms, Ambala 151 kms, Chail 43 kms, Dehradun 240 kms etc.

  • Local Transport : Taxis are available here as the main local transport.
    Fare : Basic rate for outstation is Rs.6/- per kms with a minimum charge of 150 kms per day plus Rs.80 as night halt charge.

HPTDC conducts the following tours from the Tourist Office, The Mall, Shimla. Places Covered Timings Fare

Tour No. I
Wild Flower Hall, Kufri, Indira 0900 hrs Rs.90/- by bus
Holiday Home Fagu, Mashobra, to Rs.405/- by car
Craignano Fruit Research Station 1700 hrs and Naldera.

Tour No. II

Fagu, Theog, Maitana, Narkhanda 0900 hrs Rs.90/- by bus (Only Wed, Fri and Sun) to Rs.545/- by car 1700 hrs

Tour No. III

Chail, Kufri, Indira Holiday Home 0900 hrs Rs.90/- by bus Kiari Bungalow to Rs.500/- by car (Only Mon, Thu and Sat) 1700 hrs.


Jakhoo Hill- 2 kms, Glen- 4 kms, Summer Hill- 5 kms, Chadwick Falls- 7 kms, Zoo- 4 kms, Navbahar- 4 kms, Sanket Mochen- 5 kms, Tara Devi Temple- 8 kms, Institute of Advance Studies- 4 kms, Aviary at Old Raj Bhavan- 1 km, Tibetan Monastery- 8 kms, Dhengu Mata Temple- 5 kms.


  • Naldera : 23 kms. Acco:- Hotel Golf Glade (HPTDC), Tel: 8265 ;

  • Tattapani : 43 kms. Acco:- Tourist Bungalow (HPTDC) ;

  • Wildflower Hall : 13 kms. Acco: Hotel Wildflower Hall (HPTDC), Tel.8212.

  • Mashobra : 13 kms.

  • Craignano : 16 kms.

  • Fruit Research Station: 08 kms.

  • Kufri : 16 kms. Acco: Kufri Holiday Resort, Tel. 8341-44.

  • Indira Holiday Home : 18 kms.

  • Chail : 43 kms. Acco: Chail Palace Hotel (HPTDC), Tel. 43, 37.

  • Barog : 55 kms. Acco: Hotel Pinewood (HPTDC), Tel.2325.

  • Kasauli : 77 kms. Acco: Hotel Ross Common (HPTDC), Tel. 5.

  • Kiarighat : 23 kms. Acco: Tourist Inn (HPTDC).

  • Solan : 48 kms.

  • Bon Monastery Uohghat : 61 kms.

  • Fagu : 22 kms.

  • Narkanda : 64 kms. Acco: Hotel Himview (HPTDC).

  • Kotgarh : 82 kms.


  • Golfing : Nine hole Golf Course at Naldhera, 23 km from Shimla.

  • Fishing : Trout fishing is available at Rohru 110 km from Shimla and at Seema 1 km from Rohru. Mahaseer fishing is available at Tattapani 43 km from Shimla. Licence fee Rs.10 per day per person. Licencing Authority :- Assistant Director-Fisheries, Khaline, Shimla (H.P.), Tel : 4732 & 6985.

  • Skiing : The skiing season generally commences in the first fortnight of January and continues till Mid-March depending upon snow conditions. HPTDC organises ski courses of 7 days and 15 days duration at Narkhanda (65 km) every year. The facilities for the participants include boarding, lodging and equipment. Cost for 7 days Rs. 1500/-, for 15 days Rs. 3000/-

  • Trekking : The Shimla-Kinnaur region offers some exciting trekking opportunities viz.
    a) Shimla to Kulu via Jaloni Pass (66 kms).
    b) Shimla to Kulu via Bashleo Pass (56 kms).
    c) Sarahen to Sangla (106 kms).


  • Director, Department of Tourism & Civil Aviation, Govt. of Himachal Pradesh, Shimla- 171 001, Tel: (0177) 203346, 3517. Fax: 203346.

  • Tourist Information Centre, Government of Himachal Pradesh, Shimla- 171 001, Tel: (0177) 4589.

  • Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation Limited (H.P.T.D.C.), Marketing Office, The Mall, Shimla- 171 001, Tel: (0177) 78302, 78311. Fax: (0177) 212591.

  • H.P.T.D.C., Rita Annexe, Shimla- 171 001. Tel: (0177) 3294, 5071, 78277.

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Dalhousie, nestling in the outer slopes of Dhaulandhar range, is a excellence hill station. It is known for its bracing climate and picturesque scenery.

: 13 sq. km.
Altitude : 2036 metres.
Temperature (deg C) : Summer - Max 23.5, Min 15.5; Winter - Max 10, Min 1.
Clothings : Summer - Light woollens, Winter - Heavy woollens.
Best Season : April to November.
Languages Spoken : Pahari (Local Dialect), Hindi, English.


  • Air : The nearest airports Amritsar (118 kms) & Jammu (188 kms) are connected to Delhi by Indian Airlines as well as by Vayudoot flights. Fare : Calcutta-Delhi Rs.3445 (Y), Rs.4797 (J). Delhi-Amritsar Rs.1548 (Y). Delhi-Jammu Rs.2066 (Y), Rs.2865 (J).

  • Rail : The nearest railhead is Pathankot (80 kms) and is connected to all of the major cities in India. Fare (approx): Calcutta-Pathankot Rs.1480 (AC-2A), 1230 (I), 329 (II).

  • Road : Regular bus services connect Dalhousie with Amritsar 188 kms, Jalandhar  192 kms, Pathankot 80 kms, Chamba 56 kms, Manali 402 kms, Delhi 563 kms,  Chandigarh 352 kms, Dharamshala 143 kms, Khajjiar 27 kms, Jammu 188 kms.

  • Local Transport : Taxis and ponies are available.

(HPTDC conducts the following tours from Dalohousie complex)

  • Dalhousie - Pathankot & vice-versa (one way) : Rs.100/- per seat.

  • Dalhousie to Khajjiar & back : Rs. 60/- per seat.

  • Dalhousie to Chamba & back : Rs.100/- per seat.

Panjpulla (2 kms); Subhash Baoli & Jandri Ghat (1.6 kms); The Round (4.8 kms); Dainkund (10 kms); Khajjiar (27 kms); Kalatop Wild Life Sanctuary; Kugti Wild Life Sanctuary (35 kms on foot); Tundah Wild Life Sanctuary (45 kms).


  • Himachal Pradesh Tourism, Tourist Information Office, Dalhousie- 176 304, Tel: 36.

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Perched on a flat mountain shelf, the town of Chamba is known for its ancient temples and Chaugan - a public promenade.

: 2.4 sq. km.
Altitude : 926 metres.
Temperature(deg C) : Summer- Max. 39, Min. 8; Winter- Max. 10, Min. 1.1.
Clothings : Summer- Light woollens, Winter- Heavy woollens.
Best Season : April to Mid July and Mid September to December.
Languages Spoken : Pahari (Local Dialect), Hindi, English.


  • Air : Nearest airport is Dharamshala connected to Delhi by Vayudoot services. Fare: Calcutta- Delhi Rs.4797 (J), Rs.3445 (Y).

  • Rail : Nearest railhead is Pathankot (120 kms) which is connected to major cities in India.

  • Road : By the State Highway No. 33/35, Chamba is connected to all parts of the country. Important road distances are: Amritsar 245 kms, Kangra 180 kms, Pathankot 120 kms, Shimla 422 kms, Manali 470 kms, Dharamshala 180 kms, Dalhousie 56 kms, Khajjiar 30 kms, Mandi 334 kms, Jammu 229 kms etc.

  • Local Transport : Taxis, Jeeps and buses available.

Lakshman Narayan Temple, Chamunda Temple, Katasan Devi Temple, Bhuj Sing Museum, Chaugan.


Saral (11 km), Salooni (56 km), Saho (12 km), Badal (22 km), Bharmaur (69 km), Shakti Devi Temple (40 km), Mindhal (125 km), Khajjiar (30 km). Mani Mahesh: 35 kms from Bharmaur. The Lake of Mani Mahesh, (3,950 metres), is the highest of the sacred lakes in Chamba district. It is an important pilgrim centre and thousands of people every year visit this sacred lake on the 15th day after Janmastami (July-August) to take a dip in the water.

Those who wish to join the pilgrimage may contact :
the Deputy Commissioner at Chamba in advance for transport and accomodation facilities.

Chamba provides ample oppurtunities for trekking as it has three well-definned snow ranges Dhauladhar, Pir Panjal and Laskar.

Some trekking routes are :

  • Chamba - Sarol (8 kms) - Bandal (24 kms) - Chhatrari (40 kms).

  • Chamba - Tissa (67 kms) - Triala (21 kms) - Strundi (14 kms) - Bindrabani (18 kms) - Kilar (11 kms), Kishtwar (or turn east about half way to Kishtwar and cross the Umasila Park into the Zanskar valley or trek South East to Keylong).

  • Chamba - Tissa (67 kms) - Triala (21 kms) - Strundi (14.5 kms), Brindabani (18 kms) - Kilar (11 kms) - Purthi (29 kms), Ravoli (23 kms) - Tindi (18 kms), Salguraor (16 kms) - Udeypur (16 kms). It is ten days trek.

  • FISHING : Mahaseer fishing is permitted in river Ravi and its tributaries like Siul, Chakki, Dehar, Behral, Salkhad.

For necessary licence please contact: The Fisheries Officer, Chamba.


  • Tourist Information Centre, Himachal Tourism, Hotel Travati, Tel: 2671.

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Dharamshala stands on a spur of the Dhauladhar range amidst magnificient deodar and pine forests, tea gardens and beautiful hills. It is also known as 'The Lhasa in India'.

: 28.81 sq. km.
Altitude : Between 1250 metres and 1982 metres.
Temperature (deg C) : Summer - Max.33, Min.22; Winter - Max.15, Min. 0.
Clothings : Summer - Light woollens, Winter - Heavy woollens.
Best Season : April to June and September to November.
Languages Spoken : Pahari (the local dialect), Hindi.


  • Air : The nearest airport, Amritsar (200 kms), is connected to New Delhi by Indian Airlines. Fare: Calcutta- Delhi Rs.3445 (Y), Rs.4797 (J). Delhi- Amritsar Rs.1548 (Y).

  • Rail : The nearest railhead Pathankot (90 kms) is connected to major cities in India. There is a narrow guage train from Pathankot to Kangra (18 kms).

  • Road : Direct & regular bus services link Dharamshala with Chandigarh 239 kms, Delhi 514 kms, Dalhousie 143 kms, Hoshiarpur 128 kms, Jwalamukhi 55 kms, Jammu 197 kms, Kangra 18 kms, Kullu 214 km, Manali 253 km, Mandi 147 km, Nangal 145 kms, Palampur 35 kms Chamba 192 kms and Shimla 322 kms.

  • Local Transport : Buses and taxis available.

HPTDC conducts the following tours from Dharamshala complex.
1.) Dharamshala to Badrinath & back via Palampur-Chamundadri: Rs.100 per seat.
2.) Dharamshala to Jwalaji-Chint-Purni and back via Kangra: Rs.100 per seat.

MC leodganj (10 kms); Tibetan Medical & Astro Institute; Bhagsunath (11 kms); St. John's Church (8 kms); Kunal Pathri (3 kms); War Memorial (2 kms).

Chirmaya Topovan (10 km); Dal Lake (11 km); Dharamkot (11 km); Triund (17 km); Kareri (22 km); Kangra (18 km); Jwalamukhi (56 km); Nadaun (10 km); Chintpurni (80 km); Masroor (40 km); Trilokpur (41 km); Nurpur (66 km); Sujanpur Tira (80 km); Chamunda Devi Temple (15 km); Palampur (35 km); Pong Wild life Sanctuary (Kangra); Bassa Wild Life Sanctuary (Kangra).

Trekking :

There is a branch of the Mountaineering Institute Manali, Dharamshala.


  • Dharamshala-Dharamkot-Triund-Dharamshala - 34 kms.

  • Dharamshala-Khanyara-Aghanjar-Mahadev-Dharamshala - 16 kms.

  • Dharamshala-Chamunda-Dadh-Dharamshala - 29 kms.

  • Dharamshala-Bhagsunath-Dharamshala - 22 kms.

  • Dharamshala-Kareri Lake-Dharamshala - 35 kms.


  • Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation, Tourist Information Office Kotwali Bazaar, Dharamshala, Tel: 3107.

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Kulu Valley

The Valley of Gods, as the Kullu Valley has come to be known, if perhaps the most delightful region in the Western Himalayas. Situated on the banks of the river Beas, Kullu, the headquarters of the district, serves as a nerve centre of the valley and is the starting place for a number of treks.


Area : 6.68 sq.kms.
Altitude : 1,219 metres.
Climate (deg C) : Summer- Max. 30.8, Min. 18.8; Winter- Max. 16.4, Min. 5.2.
Rainfall : 102 cms.
Clothings : Summer- Light woollens, Winter- Heavy woollens.
Best Season : Mid-March to Mid-November.


  • Air : The nearest airport Bhuntar (10 kms from Kullu) is connected by Vayudoot services with Delhi and Chandigarh. Jagson & Continental Airlines also operates flights from Delhi to Kullu.

  • Rail : The nearest most convenient railhead is Chandigarh (272 kms). The other nearest narrow gauge railheads are Jogindarnagar (166 kms) with a change at Pathankot and Shimla (240 kms) with a change at Kalka.

  • Road : Kullu is connected by road with Ambala (606 kms), Chandigarh (556 kms), Delhi (798 kms), Pathankot (278 kms), Shimla (240 kms), Manali (40 kms), Palampur (164 kms), Mandi (70 kms), Kyelang (158 kms), Katrain (21 kms), Rohatang Pass (91 kms), Dharamshala (213 kms), Dalhousie (334 kms), Chamba (383 kms), Bilaspur (139 kms), Jogindarnagar (166 kms) etc. Regular bus-services connect Kullu with the above places and others.

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KULLU : The Valley of Gods as the Kullu Valley has come to be known is perhaps the most delightful region in the Western Himalayas. Situated on the banks of the river Beas, Kullu, the district H.Q., serves as the nerve centre of the valley and is the starting place for a number of treks.

: For a lavish display of natural scenery, it is one of the principal snow places of the Kullu region. And Manali is at an altitude of beauty and gateway to Dhauli and Spiti.


:  5.12 sq.kms.
Altitude : 1,926 metres.
Temperature (deg C) : Summer- Max. 25, Min. 12. Winter- Max. 14.5, Min. 2.
Clothings : Summer- Light woollens for both the places.
Winter- Heavy woollens for both the places.
Best Season : April to Mid-July and Sep. to Nov. for both the places.
Languages Spoken : Pahari (Local Dialect), Hindi, English.
STD Code : 01902.


  • Air : The nearest airport Bhuntar (10 kms from Kullu and 50 kms from Manali) is connected by Vayudoot services with Delhi and Chandigarh. Jagson & Continental Airlines also operates flights from Delhi to Kullu.
    Fare : Calcutta-Delhi Rs.4797 (J), 3445 (Y).

  • Rail : The nearest most convenient railhead is Chandigarh (397 kms from Kullu and 357 kms from Manali). The other nearest narrow gauge railheads are Jogindarnagar (126 kms from Kullu & 166 kms from Manali) with a change at Pathankot and Shimla (240 kms from Kullu & 280 kms Manali) with a change at Kalka.

  • Road : Kullu and Manali both the places are on the National Highway No. 21. Motorable roads and regular bus services connect Kullu & Manali to most of the important places in Himachal Pradesh and the neighbouring states.
    Some of the road-distances are :


Ambala Chandigarh Delhi Pathankot Shimla Palampur Dalhousie
  Kullu 606 398 563 278 220 164 334
  Manali 646 357 603 318 260 204 294
  Kms. Chamba Keylang Bilaspur Rohtang Pass Dharamshala Jogindarnagar
  Kullu 383 158 139 91 213 126
  Manali 343 118 179 51 253 166

Taxi (4 seats) : Taxi services are avilable here from one place to another inand outside of the state. Taxis are available for local sight seeing at the rate of Rs.450 to Rs.550 per day.


Raghunathji Temple (1 km), Vaishno Devi Temple (4 km), Jagannath Temple (3 km) Bijli Mahadev Shrine (13 km).

Raison (16 km), Katrain (20 km), Naggar (28 km), Bajaura (15 km), Kasol (42 km) Manikaran (45 km), Banjar (58 km), Larji (34 km), Malana, Pulga & Khirganga  (16 km & 26 km), Danawar Wildlife Sanctuary (near Manikaran), Khokhan Wildlife Sanctuary (20 km from Bhuntar), Khaiv Sanctuary (15 km), Tirthan Sanctuary (10 km from Bunder Gushanini).


HPTDC conducts the following tours during season only.

  • Manali-Nehru Kund-Rahla Falls-Marhi-Rohtang Pass-Manali, Daily from 0900 hours to 1600 hours. Tariff: Rs.175 per head by luxury coach.

  • Manali-Jagat Sukh-Naggar-Manali Daily from 0900 hours to 1600 hours. Fare: Rs.100 per head.

  • Manali-Vaishnodevi, Bhutti Weaver's - Parvati Valley - Kasol - Manali Daily from 0900 hours to 1800 hours. Fare: Rs.250 per head.

Vashisht Bath (3 kms), Hadimba Devi Temple, Tibetan Monastry, Arjun Gumpha (5 kms), Nehru Kund (5 kms), Jagatsukh (6 kms), Kothi (12 kms) & Rahla Falls (14 km), Solang Valley (13 km), Rohtang Pass (51 kms), Keylong Pass (117 kms), Manali Wildlife Sanctuary (3 kms on foot. HPTDC bungalows are available here)

Manali Leh Road :
There are bus services connecting Manali with Leh via Keylong during the period July to October/November. It is a two day journey between Manali and Leh with an overnight halt at Keylong. There are regular bus services between Manali and Keylong (117 kms) which takes approximately 7-8 hours. Bus services between Keylong and Leh (390 kms) largely depend on the weather and road conditions. The journey takes approximately 18-19 hours. Foreign tourists are allowed to travel between 15th July and 15th August on the Leh-Manali road, subject to following conditions.

  • Only groups of foreign tourists whose visits are arranged by Indian Travel Agents, recognised by the Govt. of India, are allowed to travel provided the travel agents representative accompanies the group.

  • Their travel has to be confined to specified modes of conveyance like jeep matador etc.

  • A police escort by the State government is attached to the group.

Institute of Mountaineering & Allied Sports, Manali, Tel: 42. This institute organises training courses, both basic and advanced, in hiking, mountaineering, skiing, water sports and mountain rescues. The complex has hostel facilities and equipment for trekking / hikingcan be hired from institute.

The Kulu valley offers ample opportunities for trout fishing in the river Beas & its larger tributaries. Licences can be obtained from the Fisheries officer - Katrain.

Kulu-Manali, together with Lahaul-Spiti, offers possibly the best trekking opportunities. Some important treks in Kulu-Manali region :

  • Raison-Malana-Chandrakhan-Raison (139 kms) - 11 days

  • Manali-Bhirug-Rohtang Pass-Manali (55 kms) - 4 days

  • Manali-Chandratal-Keylong (120 kms) - 10 days

  • Manali-Chhikar-Hamta Pass-Jagatsukh-Manali (55 kms) - 6 days

Trek & Tour Operators

  • Deputy Director, Mountaineering & Allied Sports, Manali, Himachal Pradesh.Phone: 2342, 2206, 2137.

  • Himalayan Adventures Pvt. Ltd., The Mall, Manali- 175, 131 Tel: 182, 104

  • Arohi Travels, The Mall, Manali - 175, 131 Tel: 139.

  • Paramount Skiing Club, Vill.& P.O. Vashisht, Manali-175 131. Tel:8242,8272


  • HPTDC Tourist Information office, Manali, Tel: 25, 116

  • Tourist Information Centre, Bhuntar Airport, Bhuntar

  • Tourist Information Office, HPTDC, Dhalpur, Kulu, Tel : 2349

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Kinnaur, Spiti and Lahaul

Located in the dizzy heights of the Himalayas, with passes that remain closed for six months, Kinnaur, Spiti and Lahaul were till now, a forbidden land. Now this area has been opened for the daring and adventurous who can discover what had been hidden from the world for centuries. From the riotous green of the Sangla Valley- filled with orchards of apricots, peaches, apples and Chilgoza pine forests, to the magnificent desolation of the Hangrang Valley, Mother Nature's portrait is everchanging in Kinnaur. This land lying on the ancient trade route between India and Tibet, ringed by the majestic mountains of the Himalayan and Dhauladhar range is a land of plenty.

Foreign nationals can travel with permits issued by

  • District Magistrate : Shimla; Rekong Peo (Kinnaur); Kullu; Keylong (Lahaul) ;

  • Sub District Magistrate:- Shimla; Rampur; Kalpa, Nichar (Kinnaur); Keylong, Udaipur (Lahaul) ; or

  • Additional Deputy Commissioner's office:- Pooh (Kinnaur); Kaza (Lahaul) only when they are traveling in a group of four(4) or more persons with a predrawn itinerary through a recognized travel agent. The permits can be obtained on presenting the following documents,viz. i) Three passport size photographs, ii) Police verification from home town or any other equivalent documents like passport, driving license etc., which can establish the identification of the applicant. Foreigners are required to present an itinerary and introduction by a recognized travel agent. The tourists are advised to get their documents verified at the check points at Chitkul,Lippa,Khud (Kinnaur) and Kaza (Spiti).

A) Kinnaur

  • Air : The nearest airport Shimla is 224 kms from Kalpa (in Kinnaur).

  • Rail : The nearest railhead Kalka, 314 kms from Kalpa in Kinnaur, is connected with the major places in India.

  • Road : Kalpa is one of the main places in the district of Kinnaur. Some of the road-distances from Kalpa:- Shimla 224 kms, Rampur 108 kms, Pooh 94 kms, Moorang 22 kms, Nichar 39 kms, Wangtu 34 kms, Narkanda 160 kms, Chakrata 248 kms, Kufri 210 kms, Sarahan 77 kms, Chaura 63 kms, Karcham 35 kms, Chitkul 102 kms, Tashigang 116 kms, Shipki La 126 kms etc.

  • Local Transport : Buses, jeeps and taxis are available from Shimla and Rampur.

B) Lahaul & Spiti

  • Air : Kullu and Shimla are the nearest two airports.  By road Keylong is 158 kms from Shimla.

  • Rail : Shimla and Pathankot are nearest railheads. By road Keylong is 436 kms from Pathankot.

  • Road : National Highway No.21 connects Manali to Lahaul & Spiti and Leh. Keylong is one of the main places in the district of Lahaul & Spiti. Some of the road-distances from Keylong:-, Kullu 158 kms, Manali 118 kms, Pathankot 436 kms, Jogindarnagar 284 kms, Rahla 102 kms, Rohtang Pass 67 kms, Khoksar 46 kms, Gondhla 18 kms, Udaipur 48 kms etc.

  • Local Transport : Regular buses and taxis are available from Manali and Shimla.

HPTDC runs package tours for Kinnaur, Spiti and Lahaul in season. For details information & reservation: H.P. Tourism Development Corporation (HPTDC), The Mall, Shimla- 171 001. Tel: (0177) 78311, 6810.

At Kinnaur

Bhabha Nagar (35 kms from Rampur on NH); Nichar (18 kms from NH on a link road near Bhabha Nagar); Sangla Valley (Alpine meadows); Poari (Oil filling station 40 kms from Bhabha Nagar); Recong Peo (Dist. H.Q. 7 kms from NH on a link road diverting from Poari); Kalpa (14 kms from Poari on link road); Kothi (House of Goddess Chandika, 3 kms from Recong Peo); Ribba (16 kms from Poari, famous for local brew `Angoori' made from grapes); Moorang (Famous for apricot orchards, 26 kms from Poari on NH); Pooh (58 kms from Poari); Nako (8 kms from NH on a link road diverting 1 km short of Yangthang); Tashigang Gompa (Treking route); Tilasangh Monastery (1 km trek from Ka, which is 12 kms short of Yangthang);

At Spiti

As Kullu is the valley of Gods we can say Spiti is the valley of Monasteries. Monasteries like Tabo, Gulling, Dhankar and Kee are located in this valley. Sumdo (Entry point of Spiti, situated at the confluence of the river Spiti and Pare-chu, at an altitude of 3350 mtrs); Schichiling (50 kms from Sumdo, famous for Dhankar monastery); Attergu (From here one can turn right to enter the Pin Valley to reach Kungri0; Kaza (A famous monastery situated 11 kms from Kaza atan altitude of 4160 mtrs); Losar (60 kms from Kaza, near the confluence of the Losar & Peeno streams); Kunzam Pass (4590 mtrs, gateway to Spiti from Lahaul).

At Lahaul

Batal (From here one can trek to Chandra Tal and go up to Bara Lacha Pass, on the Manali-Leh road); Bara Singri Glacier (On the left bank of Chandra River); Koksar (Coldest place in Lahaul, 3140 metres, 21 kms beyong rohtang Pass); Gondhla (18 kms from Keylong); Tandi (8 kms short of Keylong); Bara Lacha Pass (4883 metres, on Manali-Leh road); Udaipur (Mrikula Devi Temple); Trilokinath Temple (4 kms short of Udaipur); Suraj Tal (4883 metres, 65 kms from Keylong); Sarchu (Ladakh border); Lake Chandra Tal( 4270 metres, approchble through Kunzam Pass) and some Monateries viz. Kardang (5 kms from Keylong), Shashur (3 kms from Keylong), Tayl (6 kms from Keylong), Guru Ghantal (4 kms).

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  Information provided by Department of Tourism. Ministry of Tourism and Culture. Government of India.

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