Street Markets

Hong Kong's street markets are always full of excitement and colour. The market stalls are where Hong Kong's dedicated shoppers hone their bargaining skills. A little Cantonese helps but sign language is universal. Pick up a bargain or just wander among the fascinating range of wares.

Hong Kong

  • Stanley Market
    Stanley Market is the perfect place to buy something special for friends or relatives. The historic fishing lanes are jam-packed with vendors selling Chinese artwork, silk collectibles and curios.


  • Yuen Po Street Bird Garden
    The Bird Garden is the favourite gathering place for Hong Kong's songbird owners. The market provides them with all manner of creature comforts, from intricately crafted cages to nutritious grasshoppers.

  • Flower Market
    Hong Kong's Flower Market is a truly magical experience. Admire in the colourful displays, the sweet scents and the exotic blossoms of many fortune-bringing houseplants.

  • Goldfish Market
    Ensure you have good luck throughout the years with a goldfish bowl from Hong Kong. Aquariums are popular in Hong Kong because of their perceived luck-bringing quality when properly positioned in the home. Mong Kok's Goldfish Market is a favourite source of supply.

  • Ladies' Market
    The Ladies' Market is Kowloon's version of Stanley Market. You can find an amazing array of bargain women's clothing and accessories.

  • Temple Street Night Market
    Temple Street Night Market is ordered chaos in action and the perfect place to pick up a few bargains. Temple Street is awash with rows of brightly lit stalls hawking an astonishing variety of clothing, pens, watches, CDs, cassettes, electronic gadgets, hardware and luggage. The busy food stalls offer a range of delicacies including fresh seafood and hotpot dishes to tempt your appetite. Fortune-tellers cluster at the Yau Ma Tei end of the street, and so do Chinese opera enthusiasts seeking kindred spirits for impromptu performances. Simply absorbing the Temple Street is a memorable experience.

  • Jade Market
    The Jade Market is a great place to spend a morning browsing and soaking up the atmosphere. The market is a mecca for collectors from all over the world. According to Chinese belief, jade wards off evil spirits and protects travellers. Stallholders ply their trade, displaying everything from rare and valuable jade carvings to small, inexpensive trinkets. Beware of the temptation to invest in expensive jade unless you have an expert on hand to advise.

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  Information provided by Hong Kong Tourism Board.


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