Shopping Tips

Shop Where You See this QTS Sign
The Quality Tourism Services (QTS) Scheme sign is a symbol you can trust. When you see this sign, it is your guarantee that shop provides high standards of customer service and genuine products. Front-line staff have an in-depth understanding of the products and can answer your questions efficiently.

  • Duty-free Prices
    Shopping is a dream in Hong Kong because all goods, other than alcohol and tobacco, are tax-free. This makes Hong Kong one of the world's most attractive shopping destinations.

  • Compare Prices
    Check different shops to compare prices of items you want to buy. Shops displaying the QTS sign will have product prices clearly displayed. Other department stores and chain stores also clearly label their products. Smaller shops and street market stalls often do not mark product prices providing a great opportunity to test your bargaining skills.

  • Know Your Product
    QTS-accredited shops clearly display product information of the goods they sell. This makes it easy for you to know what you're buying. Make sure you know what you want in terms of models, features, prices and accessories. The Consumer Council Hotline +852 2929 2222 can provide suggested retail prices for popular brand name items.

  • Be Aware of Parallel Imports
    Parallel imports are items brought into Hong Kong by someone other than the official import agent. While these products can be cheaper, they often offer restricted guarantees or limited after-sales service. Check the product and ask the sales staff before buying.

  • Inspect Your Products
    Check the product before paying and make sure you have all the accessories that should be included. Check the product you have bought again before you leave the store.

  • Check Your Receipts
    You should always get a sales receipt (street stalls sometimes do not provide them). Check to ensure that all details and verbal agreements are fully listed on the sales receipt. Make sure the product details listed match the product you have bought.

  • Credit Card Payments
    Most Hong Kong shops accept credit cards. Check the credit card slip before signing it and take your receipt before leaving the store.

  • 100% Refund Policy
    All travel agent members of the Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong, telephone: +852 2807 0707, offer a 100% refund guarantee to visitors who patronise shops in tours arranged by travel agents. You are entitled to a full refund within 14 days of purchase, provided that the goods sold are returned intact and unused. If you're not satisfied with a purchase during shopping activities arranged by your travel agent, you should first approach your guide for assistance. Don't forget to keep original copies of your sales receipts.

  • Disputes
    If you have any problems, keep your receipts and call the Consumer Council Hotline +852 2929 2222 for assistance. You can also call the HKTB multilingual Visitor Hotline +852 2508 1234 for assistance with items purchased from a QTS-accredited shop or restaurant.In the event of a serious dispute, call the 24-hour Hong Kong Police emergency number 999 or obtain assistance from a nearest police officer.

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  Information provided by Hong Kong Tourism Board.


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