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Whatever you wish, you'll be able to find it in one of Hong Kong's thriving shopping districts. Indulge yourself by getting that little special something you've been wanting. If you're after electronics or something classic; a new wardrobe or something to put in it, you'll be able to find it all and ship it home with ease. Browse through the categories and save your shopping time with the address and contact details of the shops.

  • Arts and Crafts
    Hong Kong is a great shopping destination for all types of Asian arts, crafts and antiques. Valuable Chinese antiques, such as delicate vases, imperial embroidery and ancient pots can all be unearthed, as well as traditional silk garments, centuries-old opium pipes and historical photographs. Many shops can arrange to insure, pack and ship your goods safely back home. Hong Kong is the ideal place to make major purchases of antiques and artifacts. For a wide variety of goods, such as porcelain, silk garments, musical instruments, seals and handicrafts, Chinese department stores offer a wide range and make good one-stop shops. You may wish to consider an expert's appraisal and the customs duty regulations in your home country before buying.

  • Audio and Visual
    Hong Kong is the gadget capital of Asia and the perfect place to pick up a gizmo or two. Literally thousands of shops fill the demand for cutting-edge technology, electronics and home appliances. The latest products are often on sale here before they are available in other countries and there is always something to impress even the most technologically savvy shopper. Prices are extremely competitive and the extent of electrical, audio and visual products is mind-blowing. As things get smaller and faster, it is often amazing to find equipment that was considered beyond one's imagination only a short while age.

  • Clothing and Tailors
    Hong Kong's designers have taken the world by storm in the past few years, proving how serious fashion is in the city where East meets West. Chic local brands and international design houses rub shoulders in exclusive outlets throughout the territory and chain stores bring the styles to the streets. Renowned Hong Kong designers, such as Vivienne Tam, William Tang and Walter Ma, have stylish boutiques, while cheap and cheerful styles can be found in outlet stores. There is something for every fashion finder's budget and plenty for those who want to make a style statement all of their own. For something unique, why not have an outfit custom-made at one of the many reputable and famous tailors. Suits, shirts, skirts and evening gowns can be created to suit the most elaborate or sedate of tastes. A figure-hugging traditional cheongsam (Chinese dress) might make the perfect gift for yourself or someone special. Hong Kong's tailors also boast a wide range and high quality of wedding garments. Besides, furs bought in Hong Kong are often of higher quality but are much cheaper than in most Western cities.

  • Furniture and Household
    Take advantage of Hong Kong's location and the stunning ornaments easily available from mainland China and other parts of Asia. At the centre of this rich cultural heritage, Hong Kong is the perfect place to pick up some household luxuries at affordable and competitive prices. Furniture warehouses in Aberdeen and Ap Lei Chau stock everything you need from everyday items to extravagances. Finding a one-of-a-kind set of dinnerware or teaware is possible at porcelain factories. And you can select from solid or simple wood veneer pieces when ordering custom-made furniture.

  • General Merchandise
    Need to find it fast? Exotic teas? A yacht's chandler? The nearest bookstore? Here's a quick guide to Hong Kong's shopping scene, probably the world's most extensive emporium.

  • Jewellery and Watches
    All that glitters ... is usually gold and in Hong Kong the choice is phenomenal. Gold, diamonds, pearls, precious gems and ever-popular jade all sit strikingly in every jewellery store window. Hong Kong is a terrific place to buy high-quality pieces of jewellery at extremely reasonable prices. The Chinese prize jade for its beauty and the luck it's supposed to bring. A top quality stone is judged according to its consistency in colour, translucency and coldness to the touch. The proprietor should give you a proper receipt that details the type and origin of the stone. If you are purchasing jade of significant value, it is advisable to go with someone who is an expert. Pearls are judged by their lustre, size and the brilliance of light they reflect. Diamonds and a wide selection of precious stones in a range of colours are also readily available at affordable prices. Time is truly precious in Hong Kong, with the many expensive watches on offer. But if you would rather go for something sporty or funky, there is a wide range of fun and specialised sports models available too.

  • Leather Goods
    Jackets... shoes... bags... belts... it's all in Hong Kong at amazingly reasonable prices. Whether it's styled here or imported from the world's fashion centres, if it can be fashioned in leather it will be available in Hong Kong. Orders for specially designed, made-to-measure goods can be placed for just about any item at very competitive prices. From buttery-soft leather to fine suede, skilled craftsmanship will satisfy your every desire. Shoes, accessories and clothes can be made to order, and with several fittings and a few hundred dollars or more, you can have the gorgeous leather goods that you always wanted.

  • Optical Goods
    Eye glasses, like other fashion accessories, are in abundance and very reasonably priced in Hong Kong. Hong Kong's optical shops stock just about every type of frame available from high-end designer names to the cheerful and funky. Lens grinding is relatively inexpensive and fast and can take as little as a day for simple prescriptions. Contact lenses can be made up quickly and at a good price.

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  Information provided by Hong Kong Tourism Board.


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