As one of the world's highest per capital users of cellular phones and radio pagers, Hong Kong thrives on efficient telecommunications. Local calls from public coin phones cost HK$1 for five minutes.

Postage is inexpensive and the service is reliable. The main post offices are on Hong Kong Island, next to the "Star" Ferry in Central, and at 10 Middle Road, Tsim Sha Tsui in Kowloon. Enquiries: +852 2921 2222.

Mobile Services
Using your mobile phone in Hong Kong is convenient as most of the telephone systems used around the globe like GSM 900, PCS 1800 and CDMA operate in Hong Kong. Mobile operators in Hong Kong also have roaming agreements with most overseas operators enabling visitors to use their own mobile phone when they come to Hong Kong. Before leaving home check with your network provider to make sure they have a roaming service to the various destinations you will be visiting and be sure to check pricing. If for some reason you decide not to bring your mobile phone with you, you can always rent a mobile phone when you arrive in Hong Kong at the international airport. By the way, to make an international call in Hong Kong you must dial 001.

There are two local English-language daily newspapers - the South China Morning Post and The Standard - and many Chinese-language dailies. Local and international newspapers are available at major hotels, bookstores and news stands. There are two English-language television channels. Satellite and cable TV is also available in most hotels. There are 13 radio channels, offering everything from Cantonese pop music to English news programmes.

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  Information provided by Hong Kong Tourism Board.


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