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When it comes to a serious shopping experience, Hong Kong has everything in abundance. Hong Kong's malls, department stores and designer boutiques offer an amazing contrast to the bustling open-air markets nestled among the towering skyscrapers. Save time and money with the latest shopping tips and discover where to shop to get the best deals around.

Hong Kong during a sales period is a complete retail therapy course! During the winter (late December to February) and the summer sale (July to September) major discounts are available for the avid shopper. In order to attract visitors, quality service is a must. The Hong Kong Tourism Board rewards local enterprises that provide exemplary service and help raise Hong Kong's profile as a world-class city with the Hong Kong Awards for Services.

The annual Hong Kong Awards for Services is a welcome opportunity to give official recognition to organizations whose outstanding achievements help raise Hong Kong's profile as a world-class city with a trademark for excellence. Now in its sixth year, the Hong Kong Award for Services: Tourism Services is organized by the Hong Kong Tourism Board as part of the Awards scheme. This year, it attracted a record number of 71 entries from large, medium and small-sized companies providing services/facilities such as accommodation, food and beverage, retail, inbound tour co-ordination and other tourism-related services. Each and every entrant has made unfailing efforts to add fresh qualities to Hong Kong's tourism product. The winners are recognised for their high service standards, providing visitors with a consistent quality of service and performance.

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Shopping Malls

Hong Kong's well-designed shopping mega-malls cater to every taste and budget. These vast emporiums combine boutiques from a Who's Who of the international designer scene with brand names from every corner of the world. Enjoy the fine dining and gourmet food outlets in Hong Kong's malls, offering everything you could ever desire under a single air-conditioned roof. Hong Kong's biggest and brightest malls play host to fashion shows, previewing the very latest trends from around the world.

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Department Stores

Every shopping area and mall in Hong Kong has a trademark department store. World-class department stores from many countries have carved out a niche in Hong Kong. From the bastion of the British high street, Marks & Spencer, to Sogo of Japan, everything is available. Also popular are hometown favourites Wing On, Sincere and Lane Crawford. Visit the popular Japanese-style emporiums, such as Seibu, Sogo or Mitsukoshi and be enthralled by their gourmet food halls, exclusive boutiques and quirky displays. The chain of China Products stores are the ideal place to pick up a gift for a loved one. You can find traditional padded silk jackets, embroidered cheongsams and even the latest electronic gear.

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A visit to the Jade Market in Yau Ma Tai will provide an insight into something near and dear to the heart's of Chinese people. Jade. The written character for jade means a combination of beauty, nobility and purity. The green stone, in all its many hues and colours is associated with long life and good health. It is smooth and cooling to the touch. To this day some people wear a jade bracelet - something next to the skin - to ward off all sorts of health hazards. Grandmothers routinely buy a piece of jade for newborns.

Located on Kansu and Battery streets in Yau Ma Tai, the Jade Market is a collection of around 400 stalls selling a wide range of jade pendants, rings, and bracelets, carvings and ornaments. The market is also the main gathering place for buyers of this fine stone who today still communicate with secret hand signals when making a purchase. Buying jade is really an art. Jade is not just green but rather comes in a great variety of colours and textures. The jade sold in Hong Kong is mostly jadeite from Burma. In Hong Kong there are many kinds of jade from natural pieces to ones which have been bleached and then impregnated polymers. There is also jade which has been dyed to enhance its colour.

Top quality jade is pure green and very expensive. Most pieces have a yellow tinge but no brown or grey should be in the finished piece. The best jadeite is semi-transparent. Opaque jadeite with cloudy patches typically has less value.  When shopping for jade, you should bring someone who knows jade. You'll find the Jade Market at the junction of Kansu and Battery streets. Take the MTR to Yau Ma Tai, exit C.

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  Information provided by Hong Kong Tourism Board.


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