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China first opened 12 National Holiday Resorts on a trial basis in October 1992. They are: Yalong Bay in Sanya, Hainan; Shilaoren (Old Stone Man) in Qingdao, Shandong; Jinshi (Golden Stone) Beach in Dalian,Liaoning; Silver Beach in Beihai, Guangxi; Meizhou Island in Putian, Fujian; Zhijiang River in Hangzhou, Zhejiang; The Nanhu (South Lake) in Guangdong; and Sheshan in Shanghai. The beautiful scenery in these areas will please you. Anyone participating in the holiday tour will be surprised to find China a fascinating destination for holiday makers.

Yalong Bay in Sanya

National Tourist Resort of Yalong Bay in Sanya

Situated in the center of the Yalong Bay Tourist Resort, the National Holiday Zone of Yalong Bay has an area of about 18.6 square kilometres. The Tourist Resort of Yalong Bay is one coast tourist resort at the very southern and of China, which is located in the southeast of Sanya City, about 25 kilometers away from the urban district and about 280 kilometers from Haikou City, the capital of Hainan Province. Located at 18(9'32"N and 109(33'24"E, the Jinmu Cape of the Yalong Bay is the "South Pole" of Hainan Island. Surrounded by mountains in the east, westandnorth, with a 22-kilometre-long coastline in the south Yalong Bay is celebrated as "The First Bay in the World".

Yalong Bay is categorized to the monsoon oceanic climate of the low-altitude tropical zone. It is summer all through the year, with no winter at all. Neither is there a distinct spring or autumn.. Yalong Bay may be rated as the best winter resort in China, with the annual average temperature being 22.5 centigrade, the averabe sunshine time 7.1 hours, the annual rainfall 1,063mm, the annual average temperature of the sea water 25.1 centigrade, and the lowest temperature of the water 22 centigrade.

The Holiday Zone is characteristic of the advantageous tropical oceanic climate and the typical tropical landscape, the sandbeach in the Zone extends to 7 kilometres long, the sand fine and white, the visibility of the sea water as deep as 7-9 metres. The Jinmu Cape and many promontories of Yalong Bay are ideal places for the adventurous activities such as the climbing of cliff, the islands and rocks dotted all over the sea the paradise for the fans of sea sports. The rech resources at the bottom of the sea make for the best diving resort of the Chinese Sea. There are also rare trees such as the "redwood", the "dragon blood tree" and the most unusual and welldeveloped tropical natural vegetation at Yalong Bay.The main lines in the Holiday Zone are joined with the Highway surrounding the island from Haikou to Sanya, adjacent to the Yuling Habour of Sanya City in the west and about 45 kilometres away from the Pheonex Airport of Sanya. The journey time from Sanya to Hong Kong, Macao, Taibei, Singapore, Bankok, Jakarta, Manila, Kuala Lumpur, Canton and Shen Zhen, etc. is respectively all within 2 hours, and that to Japan is also a mere 4.5 hours. The transportation environment is rather superior.

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Shilaoren (Old Stone Man) in Qingdao

National Tourist Resort of Shilaoren Beach in Qingdao

Qingkao is located along Jiaozhou Bay in thesoutheast or Shandong Peninsula. It hal a mild and humid climate. The monthly mean temperature in August is 25(C. It has long been famous as a summer resort and a tourist attractionin China. The National Tourism Resout of Shilaoren Beach in Qingdao (NTRSBQ) is only five kilometers frowntown Qingdao, covering an area of 10.8 square kilometers. It is hemmed in by mountains in the north, 1-kilometer-long and 100-meter-wide sand dune in the south and Mt. Laoshan Scenic Spot in the east. In the sea stands an old-man-shaped reef, hence the name of the resort.NTRSBQ enjoys a convenient transportation, 12kilometers from the wharf, 15 kilometers from the railway station and 17 kilometers from the airport. Regular flights have opened between Qingdao and Hong Kong, Seoul, Osaka and metropolises in China. Within the resort there are criss-crossing roads and highways.

NTRSBQ consists of the Comprehensive Service District, Villa Bloks, Amusement Park on the Sea, the Marine Sightseeing District, the resort is sparing no effort on improving its infrastructural facilities.

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Jinshi (Golden Stone) Beach in Dalian

National Tourist Resort of Jinshi Beach in Dalian

Situated along the coast of the Yellow Sea in the north-east of Dalian City, the Holiday Zone of Jinshi Beach is 58 kilometres away from the old urban district of Dalian,adjacent to the Economic and Technological Develop Zone of Dalian,the Bonded Zone of Dalian and the national deepwater harbour of Dayao Bay.The total area covered is 119.8 square kilometres.Being the "head of the dragon" and the "window" for yringing along the developing of the tourism of the Northeastern District,Dalian City has evolved preliminarily into a modern holiday zone which depends mainly on the international tourism and receives mainly the tourists from abroad.

The Holiday Zone of Jinshi Beach in Dalian Cityis with remarkable coast scenes,its natural attractions noted as "the stone Forest on the Sea" or "the Park Sculptured by the Supernature";its rocks are ideal samples for the study of thechanges of theearth's crust. The "Tortoise Crackle Stone" called by the experts as the "Rare Stone on Earth" is a sedimentary rock formed in the Sinian Period 600 million years ago. It's a complete colony biggest in scale, clearest in the revelation of the structure of the section that has ever been found in the world. The fish resources in the neighbouring sea area are abundant, which make it an ideal place for angling. The rich natural tourist resources provide good conditions for the development of the Holiday Zone.

With the purposes of fitness,recreation,social communication and advocating the nature,etc.,the Holiday Zone of Jinshi Beach in Dalian is divided into eidht areas,i.e.the Area of Plants,the Area of the Reservoir Scene, the Forest Hunting Area,the Coast recreation Area,the Area ofthe Golf Course,the Sports Area on the sea,and the Geology attraction Resort.

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Silver Beach in Beihai

National Tourist Resort of Silver Beach in Beihai

The Silver Beach is located in Beihai, The key national tourist city in the south of China. Facing the Southeast Asia, with the Southwest of China at its back and its three sides surrounded by the sea, Beihai City is the most convenient port going out to sea in the southwest district of the mainland China. Being one of the original ports of the chinese "Ancient Silk Road on the Sea", it has still remained in business of the sea transportation with 218 ports from 98 countries and districts in the world up to now.

The annual average temperature in Beihai City is 22.6c(,zthe average sunshine time more than 2,100 hours, the tourist season rather long, the air fresh, and the content of anion as high as 5,000 per centimeter, which is 50 to 100 times that of the inland cities.

The Silver Beihai which stretches more than 20 kilometres is characteristic of "smooth and long beach,fine and white sand,lukewarm and clear water,soft waves,no shark and no pollution".

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Meizhou Island in Putian

National Tourist Resort of Meizhou Island in Fujian

Meizhou Island stands at the mouth of the Meizhou Bay in Fujian Province. It has 14 square kilometers of seashore. The sois is fertile, the climate mild, making it an excellent place for holiday makers. The Temple of Goddess Matsu of the Sea, which is also known as the Temple of Meizhou, was erected in 987, the fourth year during the reign of Emperor Yong Xi of the Northern Song Dynasty. It consists of five building groups. Every 23rd day of the 3rd month on lunar calendar, a grand sacrificial ceremony is held here, attracting countless pilgrims from afar.

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Zhijiang River in Hangzhou

National Tourist Resort of River Zhi in Hangzhou

Situated in the southwest of Huangzhou,the famous Chinese cultural historic and tourist city,the National tourist Resort--The West Lake--in the east,adjacent to the National "Twin rivers with One Lake" tourist Resort in the west,bordering upon the River Tsientang(called River Zhi otherwise)in the south,and adjoining the FiveClouds Mountain in the north. Its extent from east to west covers about 7 kilometres, while from south to north about 3 kilometres, with the total area of 9.88 square kilometres. It's a "New Paradise Found" in Hangzhou, the graduaaly developing first-rate tourist city in theworld.

Located in the monsoon district of the subtropical zone, Hangzhou is a city with distinct seasons and plentiful rainfall, with the annual average temperature of 16.2c(. The Holiday Zone is divided into the northern and southern parts with the Hangzhou New Highway as the boundary; the northern part is mostly the hilly land, with the vegetation ratio of 90%; the southern part is the smooth deposit plain of River Zhi. The Holiday Zone is facing the River Zhi and with the mountain at its back. The temperature in Summer 2-3c( lower than the urban district, the atmospheric quality meets basically the National First-rate Standard.

Hangzhou is one of the seven ancient capitals of China, with the fame of the "Paradise on Earth." There are hundreds scenic spots and numerous arches, monuments to great men and gorgeous Buddhist temples within the West Lake Tourist Resort which lies to the east of the Holiday Zone; the tourist route of the "Two Lakes-The Yellow Mountain" in the southwest of the Holiday Zone is noted as the "Golden Tourist Route" with combines so many wonders of the world in one. The specialties of Hangzhou City, such as brocade, satin and the Longjin green tea, are famous all round the world.

The Holiday Zone is 10 kilometres away from the urban center, 25 kilometres from the airport, 13.5kilometres from the railway station and a mere 6 kilometres from the West Lake, with the Hangzhou New Highway liading directly to the Holiday Zone. Hangzhou is the pivot point of the railways from Shanghai to Hangzhou, from Hangzhou to Nanchang, and from Hangzhou to Changsha. The Hangzhou Airport has opened up 24 airlines natiowide and with Hong Kong, which is a daily flight to and from. The Hang-Yong Highway and the new one between Shanghai and Hangzhou are all under construction; the ancient lmperial Canal runs through Hangzhou, Suzhou, Wuxi and River Tsientang, and ships of 1000 tons sail to the sea directly nowadays; there are 190,000 gates digital telephones in Hangzhou which make it possible to communicate directly with 195 countries and districts.

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The Nanhu (South Lake) in Guangdong

National Tourist Resort of Nanhu Lake in Guangzhou

Guangzhou, the capital of Guangdong Province, is one of China's most famous ancient cultural cities and the largest mtropolis and foreign trade port in southern China. it is located on the subtopical zone with an annual mean temperature of 22(C and an annual average rainfall of 1,700mm. Flowers blossom all year round, mading Guangzhou known as a "city of flowers." The city has long been renowned for its Fuangdong cuisine and local snacks. It is the end of the Beijing-Guangzhou Railway. Baiyun Airport has regular flights to metropolises within and outside the province, as well as to Hong Kong and Southeast Asian countries. Passenger and cargo ships shuttle between Guangzhou and large and medium-sized cities in China and other parts of the world via Huangpu and Guangzhou ports.

The National Tourism Resort of Nanhu Lake in Guangzhou (NTRNLG) is located on the northeastern outskirts of Guangzhou. The Recreation Center of NTRNLG will launch two recreation items. One is the laser field operation, in which people can experience a real battle. The other is water parachute, which is unique and exciting. The Medical Care Center invites outstanding specialists to provide domestically first-class services. The Golf Country Club lying at the foot of Mt.Baiyun is under construction. By 1996, it will be built into an 18-hole course.

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Sheshan in Shanghai

National Tourist Resort of Sheshan

The Sheshan Scenic Spot is located in the northern suburbs of the Songjiang Satellite City in Shanghai, 30 kilometers from the downtown area. It is the only natural beauty of mountains and trees in Shanghai, with a planned area of 47 square kilometers.

The National Tourism Resort of Sheshan (NTRS) is attracting with its natural landscape and up-to-date facilities for culture and recreation. It is the best choice for holiday making, sightseeing and religious activities.

A joint effort has been made by Songjiang County, Tongji University and an institution from Taiwan to develop the Shanghai Small Sheshan Cultural Park, which will occupy an area of 100 hectares. It is a high-standard park combining sculpture, gardening, architecture, waterfall, flowers and plants. In the middle of NTRS there is a complete service facilities for golf, tennis, shooting, ox finghting and athletics.

The Shanghai Royal Garden Holiday Village was built in both European and traditional Chinese styles, consisting of three villa blocks, together with a recreation center, where people can do excercises in the health club and enjoy leisure gours in the bowling alley, the beauty saloon and the sauna.

The Shanghai Asian Club Holiday Village is resting in the north of Sheshan Mountain and in the east of Sheshan Township. Covering an area of approximately 33 hectares, it is a well-equipped holiday village, consisting of a tower, a golf ground, an indoor health center, a conference hall and a recreation center.

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  Information provided by China National Tourism Administration.


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