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Tourist Attractions - Kompot

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A Charming little town at a scenic river. Quiet relaxing. This place still remains off the tourist track. Plenty of French colonial style buildings and surrounding natural attractions, such as mountains, waterfalls, beaches, etc.
Most of the streets do not have street signs. But it is not difficult to find your way around. All directions are given from the central roundabout in the middle of Kampot. All GHs and Hotels are located around this central roundabout area, along the river front area and the market area.

Central roundabout (CRA)
on the Main Rd.

  • 2000-Roundabout (2KRA) : Small roundabout with year 2000 monument, S of the Central roundabout (CRA) on the Main Rd.

  • Friendship Roundabout (FRA) : small roundabout with Viet-Cambo Friendship monument. SE from the 2000 Roundabout.

  • River Rd. : Located NW of the city, running parallel to river Rd. from N to S

  • Main Rd. : Running from NE to SW through Kampot town. Parallel to the River Rd., connection Market, CRA, 2KRA

  • Market Rd. : Running from NW to SE connecting River Rd, with national HWY. Located N of Market.

  • Tourist office : No

  • Acleda Bank : From 2KRA walk SW 100m on the right side. M-F7:30-17:30. English speaking staff. Very helpful But No Exchange. Western Union money transfer is possible 2% com.
    Money changers : Around the Market $=3900, B=86.3r

  • Post/telephone Office :

  • Police : 24hrs, No English speaking staff.

  • Hospital : Walk N on the River Rd. 130m after the bridge on right side. 6-17:00. English speaking doctors. Emergency T016-330079

  • Post office : From the roundabout, go to N, M-F830-16:30, Price Japan/USA/Aust & Europe Letter(10g) 2200/2800/2500, Parcel 1kg 57,200/91,100/68,500

  • Camintel : Behind the Post office. 7-12, 14-17:00. International calls possible.

Cost Normal/ discount
(19-06:00 and weekend) per min.
Laos/Thai $2.07/1.79, Asia $2.23/1.82, other $2.47/2.02

  • Reasksmey Telecom Center : From CRA, walk to the market, 80m on left side. photocopy 100r/A4. international phone card Thai/Lao/Viet $2/min, other $3/min.

  • Photocopy shop Ratanka Vichea Center : From 2KRA go NW 30m. Right side A4 photo copy 80r/page, binding 1000r

  • Konica Express : S side of CRA. M-F9-20:00, Film slide %5, Fuji 100 $2. develop 36 exp $3.5

  • Laundry : Many places around the Market

  • Rasmei Laundry : E side of Market, Main Rd.7-21:00, 1000r/set (shirt+trouser)

  • Barber : M-F 7-17:00, opp from Mealy GH, shave and cut 2000r

  • Minimart : many around the CRA

  • Coffee bean shop : N side of the Market.+ Main Rd. 7-15:00, Fresh grand Cambodian coffee. $4/1kg

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  • Bus/pickup station : 200m S from CRA and 250m NE from FRA. From the center, follow on the Main Rd. It is on E side. It looks like a deserted petrol station. No information office. Very few people speak English. They are running between 6-16:00.
    Sihanoukville > kampot
    Taxi : 120-200B/p
    up to 8 p in a car. 4-5hrs
    Pickup : outside-60-80B/p 5-7hrs
    Kampot > Sihanoukville
    Minibus : 8,000r/p, Taxi 10,000-12,000r, pickup outside 6,000r
    Kampot > Phnom Penh:
    3-4 hrs. minibus 8,000/p, Taxi 10,000r, dep 7:00, No pickup could be found.

  • Train station : 2km N from the Market. Access by moto 1000r. No English speaking staff.
    Kampot > Shianoukville dep after 12:00, on odd days or MWF.
    4000/p, 5 hrs
    Kampot > Phnom Penh : after 10:00,
    9000r, 10-12 hrs.

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Local Transport

Kampot is not so big town.
Walking : You can walk. N side of Market to CRA 15min walk. CRA to FRA 20min.
Moto : People usually use motos, 500r for normal ride, except the train station and the area over the bridge, 1000r. They try to overcharge you.
Rental motorbike: The roads are very bad. Riding bike is not recom.
Kampot > Waterfall Tekchou :
$10. Day tour
Kampot > Bokor Station and national Park :
$20 a day tour
Kampot > Kep : $5 round trip

Sok San GH. :
Honda Dream $6/day,
Borey BokorRentacar : Honda Dream $6/day 250cc $10/day
Borey Bokor :
4WD + driver $50/day
Marco Pol : o 4WD + driver $60/day

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Sight / Activity

Volleyball field :
At the Governor's Residence. free of charge.
Walk : Along the side of the river with little sandy beach. From the center of the tow, cross over the bridge and turn left. follow the rover watching fisherman's houses. Very scenic.

Cham Fishmen Village :
3-4 hour walk to return. Nice and original village Walk along the Riverside Rd., pass the Governor's Residence and continue walking on the dirt road. 30 min walk, then you will reach the village.

Pagina Tours :
at Borey Bokor hotel, T012-833429,
Koh Pho Coral Island.
by boat Nice for swimming and snorkeling.
$50/boat, up to 6p, 6hrs to return. Incl. Drinking water and equipment.
Boat on river and jungle hiking.
$30/boat up to 6p. 8hrs incl drinking water,
Bonkor Hill station and Popkok waterfall with 4WD,
$50/car, up to 6p, 5hrs,
Tekcou waterfalls : by 4WD with a guide. $20/p

Marco Polo Tour :
Boat trip to Koh Pho $60/boat up to 6p, 8hrs
Boat trip to Stung Kev Fishmen Village,
$40/boat up to 6p, 3 hrs
Bonkor hill station, by 4WD
$60/car, 4hurs,
$20 uotp 6p by car with a driver.

Guide :
AT the Borey Bokor GH, you can hire as English speaking guide, $10/day, Very knowledgeable. Ask about Kampot province.

Fishmen Village :
You can rent a boat from fishermen. Ask directly or GH owners.

Vham Village :
Boat rental $10/1-2p, $15/3-4p, $20/5-6p

Bonkor National Park and hill station : Admission $5.
accommodation dr $5 mattress on the floor. mos-net, very basic. Not Rec.

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Heng leap Rest : SE of CRA, 6-24:00, local, cheap, Nice seafood. Try BBQ fish with coconut milk.

Genluk Bai Rest :
location?, 10-22:00, local, cheap, Very delicious. Good portion, Try stew with squid and fish dumpling, dish with rice

Marco Polo Rest :
see GH. local, small portion overpriced

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  Information provided by Ministry of Tourism. Government of Cambodia.


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