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Tourist Attractions - Kompong Cham

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Cambodia's 3 rd largest city. It seems more like a small unattractive town. This town is a good option to go if you do not like to stay in Phnom Penh until your next trip. The town has all facilities you need. And very convenient. But it has nothing else to attract you. Many karaoke bars so close your door and windows at night. Most of the streets in this town have street signs. All Main Rd are ending at a roundabout, river front or the Market. Most facilities are located along the National route #7(not National HWY #7), River Rd and Market Rd. A few upper range hotels are at the roundabout. Riverside Rd. Running along he river, NW to S. It starts from the bus station to ends at the road coming from the bridge. Main Rd. From NE to SE Running from the roundabout to National route #7, W from the Market area. Separated road by a green belt. National Route #7, From E to W connecting Riverside Rd. and Main Rd. running parallel to the HWY #7,

  • Tourist office : closed.

  • Canadian Bank : $1=3875r no Baht can be accepted. No cash advance. But Baht to $ is changeable. cash is available, 2% com. Min $2,.

  • Money changers : at Market: $1=3980r, B=89r

  • Post/telephone Office : From the roundabout, walk NW. Take the first right after Phnom Penh Hotel, take the first left. 50m on the right side. M-Sa7-17:00 Price Japan/USA/Aust & Europe Letter(10g) 2200/2800/2500, Parcel 1kg 57,200/91,100/68,500

  • Camintel : 20 W from the Post office. M-Sa7-12, 14-17, Cost Normal/ discount (19-06:00 and weekend) per min., Laos/Thai $2.07/1.79, Asia $2.23/1.82, other $2.47/2.02

  • Police : national Route #7, 30m from the Riverside Rd, on left side. 24hrs, No English speaking staff.

  • Hospital : 8km S from the town. 24hur emergency, (not confirmed yet,)

  • Laundry : Many in town. they charge for sets, shirt + trousers

  • Laundry : Donchet: E from Mittapheap hotel. Right side. 7-22:00 Cheap and fast within 1 day wash/dry/ironed 1000r/set

  • Photo shop : Many shops in town but they are uncountable. Films ASA 100 36 exp $2-3.2.5, ASA 200 $3-3.5. Develop 36 exp & prints $3.5-5.0

  • Book shop : national route #7, W from the Main Rd. opp from Ouly GH. Also sells stationary, envelopes, etc.

  • Mini Mart : Along the National route #7, but you can find most of you need at the Market.

  • Massage : many GH offering, for example Intern Resort, $4/hr

  • snookers : 24hrs at Intern Resort 100r

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Local Transport

Most place to go are within walking distance.
Market to fast boat pier 15-20min.
Market to GPO 15min.
The roundabout to the Riverside Rd. S, 20-30min

  • Moto: 500-1000r for most of trips. Try to bargain hard.

  • Rentals: No rental bike nor bicycles are available.

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  • Bus station : on main Rd. From the roundabout, walk SW, on right side. You buy ticket at the counter.
    PP > Kompong Cham
    Bus Ho Wah Genting :
    7,000r 3-4hrs, 6:45, 7:45, 9, 10, 11:30, 13:15, 15, 16
    Bus GST : T023-335199m
    7,000r, 3hrs, dep 9, 15:00
    Taxi : $10-15
    Mini bus : 6-8000r 2-3hurs, Daily 6-19:00
    Truck : outside 4-6000r, 2-3 hrs, 5-21:00
    Kompong Cham > PP
    Bus Hoh Wa Getting :
    T012-923551, 7,000r 3-4hrs, 7:30, 8:10, 9, 10, 12:30, 14, 15, 16:00
    Minibus : near the bus station. 5-6,000r 5-20:00
    Kompong Cham > Snul
    outside 10,000/inside 15,000, 6-8hrs
    Kompong Cham > Kratje
    Very bad road. Locals are using boats.
    Truck, outside 15,000/inside 20,000, 8-10hrs 5-7:00. You should expect for 2 hours until your truck get full.

  • Boats
    1) Slow boats :
    Not really a pier. Slow boats land at the muddy shore, N part of the Riverside Rd.where the road curve away from the river. Ticket: just under a huge cigarette ad board. It is still fast. You can sit on the roof or inside. Very noisy. Very crowed. They tend to leave early. Get on the boat 1 hour before
    Kompong Cham > Phnom Penh 12,000r 2-3hrs, 4:30, 5:30, 7:00, 10:30, 12, 15:00
    Kompong Cham > Kraije: 12,000r 5-6hrs, dep 7:30, 9:30, 14:00
    2) The fast boats : Pier and the ticket office are located on the Riverside Rd. 20m N from route #7. Very fast and powerful speed boats with a/c passenger cabin. Comfortable reserved seats, but can be very packed up. Buy the ticket as soon as possible. Non reserved seats are available for the roof. Do Not forget the sun block lotion.
    Royal Boat Express : T012-932393, 6-18:00,
    Kompong Cham > Phnom Penh 15,000 2hrs, dep 7:30, 9:30, 12:30, 16:00
    Kompong Cham > Kraije: 20,000r, 3-4hrs, dep 7:30, 9:30, 14:00
    Cargo boats : large wooden boats with two decks. The upper deck has benches and lots of hammocks. Very slow. It requires a few days to reach the destinations upriver. Strongly Not Rec.
    Kompong Cham > Stung Treng : No slow boats nor fast boat to Stung Treng available. They run all season when they have something to carry. Ask your GH owners for the details. They are very slow and it may takes a few days to reach Stung Treng.

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Most of the GHs and hotels do not have restaurants here. There are a few nice restaurants but mostly they are overpriced and lack of atmosphere. Best and cheapest local food, are available around Market. 15:00-21:00

  • San Te Hap Rest : SE side of market in front of pharmacy. 8-22:00 Cheap, Tasty tofu and seafood dishes for 2000r. try seaweed curry.

  • Mekong Hotel : 6-10:00 Cafe for bf Nice and comfortable Place. Nice bf deals. Cont. bf + coffee $1, American bf + coffee $1.5

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  Information provided by Ministry of Tourism. Government of Cambodia.


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