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Tourist Attractions - Koh Kong

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Koh Kong is an island located SW of the Cambodia, near the border with Thailand. You can come here from Sihanoukville by boat or from the main land by small boat after taking a moto from the Thai border.. Currently the bridge is under construction. Soon Koh Kong will be connected by the bridge. There is not really a town center in Koh Kong. The town stretches along the water front which is running N to S. The land is E side. Most of the decent GHs are located on the main Rd running from the round about to E. From the pier for the small boat, go left as you land and turn right on the main road leading to the round about. From the pier for the express boat from Sihanoukville, go right and turn left to the main road. There are two piers.

Border Crossing

  • Koh Kong (Cam)/Hat Lek (Thai) : open 7-17:00.
    A comfortable means of getting between Bangkok and Phnom Penh

  • From BKK to Phnom Penh :
    1.) Take a bus to Trat.
    2.) Take a songthaw to Klong Yai
    (40B), 1 hour
    3.) Change to another songthaw
    (20B) to Hat lek, 30 min.
    Cross the border. You can get the Cambodia 1-month visa on border.
    $20/1000B. Need 1 photo.
    4.) Take a moto to a pier,
    20-30B 10min.
    5.) Take a boat,
    20-30B/p to Koh Kong 5min.
    6.) Express boat to Sihanoukville, dep 8:00,
    $15/600B. To take this boat in a same day, you have to leave Trat very early morning.
    7.) In the Sihanoukville, take a moto from the port to the bus station,
    1000-4000r. If you want to travel to PP in a same day, you have to harry to go to the bus station. you don't have so much time to negotiate the moto fare. So the fare will be very high.
    8.) Take a bus to PP, 3-4 hour. It is possible to travel from Koh Kong to PP in a day.
    Warning : Once you enter Cambodia, you have to negotiate with moto drivers and boat drivers. It is very hard to get the reasonable fare, Many reported the boat drives refused foreigners unless they pay 150B.

  • From PP to BKK
    1.) Take a bus from PP to Sihanoukville. See the details in PP section. To take the boat in the same day, you have to take a 7:30 bus.
    2.) Take a moto from the bus station to the boat pier,
    1000-4000r. They try to rip off, but you don't have any time to bargain.
    3.) Take an express boat from Sihanoukville to Koh Kong.
    $15/600B, dep12:00. If you want to take the boat in a same day, you don't have so much time to negotiate the moto fare. Also the boat will be full so you have to sit on the roof. 3.5 hrs,
    4.) If you want to cross the boarder in a same day, you get off one stop before Koh Kong and take a communal boat, 150B to the main land. 15 min. It must be at least 16:15 to leave this place to cross the border before 17:00.
    5.) Take a moto taxi to the border,
    6.) Cross the border. The border is closed at 17:00.
    7.) Take a songthaw to Klong yai
    20B 30min
    8.) Change songthaw to Trat,
    40B 1 hour.
    9.) You can take a night bus to BKK.

    Attention :
    If your speed boat arrived at Pok Long after 16:20, you have to take a risk not to be able to cross the border.
    If the border had been closed when you got there, you have 3 choices.
    1) Stay at
    Eingdoy Hotel, 500m before the border, 039-588109, ab d350B tw400B TV pool bar C4.
    2) A small GH in the village near by. 1.5km from the border. Too basic and dirty,
    sb f 150B C1. Nothing but rip off.
    3) Go to Koh Kong by moto
    (20B/p) and boat(20B/p)

  • Tourist office : Next to Koh Kong Hotel. Just n from the Express boat pier. M-F9-17:00, No English staff. No info leaflets. Better to ask your GH or moto drivers.
  • PCB Bank : From the pier for the small boat, go right(South) M-F7-17:00
  • Money changers : at the market. See below. $1=45B, b=85r. Riel to Baht 87r=1B
  • Post/telephone Office : From the roundabout, go to N
  • Police : From the roundabout, go N.24hours No staff speaks English so you had better to ask a manager at your GH.
  • Hospital : off from the Police. M-F9-17:00. Facility is very basic. No English speaking staff.
  • Market : Walk inland from the pier for the small boat
  • Laundry : many GH and shops around the market offer the service. 30-40B/kg or 5-15B/p

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Local Transport

  • Moto 1000r/10B within the island.,Taxi 3000r/30B
    From Koh Kong to the main land to go to the border, 20B/p

  • Rental bike Cheap & Charlies GH : mountain bike 50B/day, motor bike 150B/day

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  • Airport : To PP ThSa11:10 Airport tax $4. Access: moto to the airport 10B/p

  • Phonm Penh Airways : E from the PCB Bank.T016-893738
    Koh Kong -> PP ThSa11:10

  • Pier for the Express boat to Sihanoukville. W from the market.$15/600B/60,000r, dep 8:00, arr 11:30

  • Pier for the small boat : 200m S from the Express boat pier. To the main land 20B

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Many local restaurants and cheap food stalls in the town. And many pubs(Some are Karaoke bars) are along the road from the Market to N. Food stalls are at the round about. 17-22:00

  • Kakada Restaurant: 9-23:00, 15-30B. Cheap tasty food

  • Cheap Charlie's GH Restaurant: 6:30-24:00 Cute restaurant serving very nice dish. Huge portion. Highly Rec

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  Information provided by Ministry of Tourism. Government of Cambodia.


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